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Ways to Make Your Beddings Last Longer

Quality beddings are a great investment in every bedroom. To have a comfortable and quality sleep at night, you need to pick the right beddings that suit your preferences. Beddings are made to last long but there are still ways you could do to make it last longer than you expect it to be. Make your investment worth it by making your beddings and other bed accessories last longer. Here are some ways you could do to extend the life of your beddings.

Wash Them Carefully

Washing your sheets regularly is important in making them last longer. Regular washing makes it easier to clean the sheets since the dirt hasn’t stuck hard yet into the fabric. However, proper care should be followed when washing your sheets.

It is recommended that you wash them in a gentle cycle with either warm or cool water. If possible, avoid bleach since it makes the fabric brittle and shortens the lifespan of your sheets. Use less detergent than the usual amount you use to avoid wearing the fabric and fading the colours. Aside from the bedsheets, this tip also applies to blankets, pillowcases, and other bed treatments.

Use Protective Cover

Using protective covers for your bed treatments can actually prolong the life of your beddings, pillows, and other bed essentials. Protective covers help keep your sheets and pillows clean for a longer time which reduces the frequency that they needed to be washed. It also serves as a protection from stains and spills which could ruin the look of your pillows and sheets. Look for quality duvet covers and pillow protectors that fit your sheets and pillows perfect for a sleek appearance.

Invest In Extras

Another way to prolong the life of your sheets and pillowcases is to buy some extras. It is best to have a lot of sheets to choose from and not just a few pieces. That way, you have more options on which one you want to use.

Your sheets won’t get worn out easily with frequent washing and usage since you have a lot of options if you need to change the sheets. Top sheets also wear faster than the bottom or inner sheets that’s why it is best to invest in more top sheets.

Look Into the Details

Lastly, to be sure that your sheets and pillowcases last long, you should look more into the item details to be sure that you’re getting the best items as much as possible. Check what material it is made of to know if they would last long or not.

Fabrics such as Egyptian cotton and linen are durable and would surely last longer than other fabric types. You should also check the thread count when considering durability. Be sure to choose thread counts that are more than 175 to be sure that they would last long.

With all those tips, you can surely prolong the life of your sheets and have a great quality of sleep every night.

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