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What to check in a new office space

Are you moving to a new office space? Whether this is your first move in a while or you’re used to switching spaces, it’s worth having a checklist to follow to ensure your move runs smoothly.  

Here are some tips to help make the move that little bit easier.  

Why are you moving office? 

There are many reasons why you might be moving office. Perhaps you’ve outgrown the current space. Perhaps you have plans to grow and you need to have the room to do this in.  

You might also be one of the many companies that have been affected by the events of last few years. Here, many businesses are rethinking their office setup and adapting to meet the requirements of their team in this post-pandemic world.  

Where once we were all crammed into the same space for the working day, now there is an overwhelming number of orgnaisations that operate a hybrid setup. Many employees have embraced this way of working in the last few years. It’s a level of flexibility that prospective employees are likely to look for when job hunting. 

In fact, a recent survey revealed that one-third of employees would quit if their employer demanded that they return to the office full time. Business owners know that it’s important to pay attention to this type of data when trying to retain talent. Therefore, acknowledging that things have changed and swapping to a space that fits the way things work now can be beneficial to both you and your team. 

The right size 

Whatever the reason for your move, it’s important that you plan for the number of people who will be in the office. Research the different spaces available and consider what you need. As well as having certain requirements and facilities that match your business’ needs, you’ll need to factor in where your business will be in the years to come.  

What do you have planned? If your company is likely to grow, do you want to account for this now or are you going to invest in a space that suits you now and move again in a few years?  

Check the electrics 

Once you’ve selected an office space, call in the experts to ensure that the electrics are in working order. You’ll need to make sure there are enough electrical outputs, that the power cables are high quality and in working order, and that anything that needs rewiring is done ahead of your moving in date.  

Do a risk assessment 

As well as checking the electrics, you’ll need to do a wider risk assessment of the space. Is the office well ventilated? Are there any trip hazards that need to be addressed? Are there any uneven surfaces or steps that could be considered a safety risk? Run checks before you move your team in.  

Is it within your budget? 

You’ll have a budget for this move. Double check that you can stick to it. If you’re moving to a more expensive space, for example, ensure you have the funds to cover this. Likewise, if you need to redecorate so that your company branding is in place aside enough for that.  

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