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Top Companies That Can Help You Sell Your Home!

As per a 2017 survey by the NAR, 51% of home buyers went on to find their homes over the internet, 30% of them found their homes taking the help of a traditional agent, and a mere 7% found their homes through an open house or yard sign. This data tells you that if you want to sell your house in 2022, you not only need to be on the internet but also on the right real estate company website.

But the question is what kind of websites can help you sell your home? Well, there are a few brilliant websites that can help you sell a home by helping you find an agent and listing your home on MLS among others.

What are the ways in which you can sell your home quickly?

You may need to sell your house to rake in a good profit or sell it fast. Whatever the case, selling a home in today’s market can be challenging, especially when you want to sell it fast and for a fair price.

Below are the three ways in which you can sell your home quickly:

Option #1: Hire a real estate agent or broker

Hiring a local real estate agent or broker can be a good option for you if you want to sell your house at a fair price. You can get a good price for your home while not doing much of the selling work. This is a good option if you are willing to wait for six months before you sell your home. Also, you’d have to be willing to shell out 6% of your home sale price as commission to the realtor after the closing of the sale.

Option #2: Sell your house FSBO

Selling your house FSBO or for sale by owner can also be a good option for you if you are okay to work yourself, want to avoid paying the hefty agent commission, and can wait out for up to a year before you make the sale.

Option #3: Sell your house fast for cash to a company

Selling your house to a company like a real estate investor or wholesaler can also be a good option for you if your priority is to sell your house quickly, i.e., within a month or less. While you don’t have to make any repairs to sell your home with this option, you would be selling your property at a discount in exchange for speed and convenience.

Option #4: Sell your house with a flat fee MLS company

If you want a middle way out, i.e., if you want to save on agent commission while getting some help with the home sale, a flat fee MLS would work best for you. Selling your house using the services of a flat fee MLS company like Houzeo is easy. They list your house on MLS for a flat upfront charge and also offer you assistance for the sale basis of the package you choose. Selling a home with a flat fee MLS company is the best way out of the four.

Top companies that can help you sell your home

Below are the top companies that can assist you in making the sale of your home happen:

  1. Houzeo

If you want to get multiple cash offers for your home, you need to get your home listed on MLS. And to get it listed on MLS without hiring a traditional agent, you’d need services from a flat fee MLS company like Houzeo. The company provides you with excellent exposure as cash buyers and buyer agents hunt for houses on MLS. Your home listing is also integrated on real estate websites like and Redfin for wider exposure.

Houzeo charges a flat listing fee from USD 299 to USD 999 and does not charge a 6% commission or any other undisclosed fee at closing. Your house will also get max exposure as along with the MLS and major portals like Zillow and Redfin, your listing would also be visible to local and national cash buyers like iBuyers and all of the platforms will compete for your property.

Whatever your home’s condition, you can market your home on Houzeo. You can even specify and negotiate cash terms at the time of closing. Houzeo has a brilliant network and is available in 46 states in the US. So, you can market your home to local cash buyers almost anywhere in the country.

  • Zillow

Zillow is a real estate website where you can list your home for free. Whether you want to buy a home, sell a home, rent one, find agents, or find lenders, Zillow can help you out. When you list a home on Zillow FSBO, you also get access to a sales proceeds calculator to compute your home’s estimated value, and tools that will help you price your home right.

  •, also like Zillow, can help you buy, rent or sell a home, or find agents and mortgage lenders. You can calculate your home’s worth, learn how to start selling your home and how choose the right agent for your needs.

  • Trulia

Trulia is best for buyers, sellers, and for finding an agent. Trulia does more than just show static listings as it sources insights from the locals in your area to offer the buyers what is called a neighborhood map to provide them with a deeper understanding of the community they are buying.

You can even check the prices of recently sold homes in your locality, the value of homes in your community, and get advice from local agents and brokers on the Trulia Voices community.

  • Trelora

Trelora is an economic full-service real estate company that offers you, quality agents. But as per multiple Trelora reviews, most sellers find the company to not be the best option for making home sales. While Trelora offers good savings on commissions, the customer service is not that good. Trelora agents are piled up with an extremely high number of clients. And you would have to work with a different person at each stage of your home sale. This can lead to mistakes and oversights in the sale process as per Trelora reviews online.

  • HomeLight

HomeLight is a good real estate company offering a variety of services to home buyers, sellers, and even real estate agents. HomeLight lets you find a good real estate agent. If you are a first-time home seller, HomeLight is the best company to find local agents as per one HomeLight review. This is a huge boon as local agents are well-versed with state laws, can help you with the local formalities, can help you get a great price for your house, and negotiate the price as per local ongoing market standards.

HomeLight makes money by charging a referral fee from agents after they close deals with customers. HomeLight may charge you a high commission as per HomeLight reviews.

  • Clever Real Estate

Clever Real Estate is another free service that helps you find a local agent. As per Clever Real Estate reviews, you get better savings and better service while working with a top local agent.

While HomeLight does not offer much savings, Clever pre-negotiates the commission discounts with the agents in its network for you. Also, Clever agents are top quality as per a Clever Real Estate review.

Final word

Selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make in your life and is challenging. So, it makes sense to choose only the best company or agent for the process. Look up the companies in this list and find the one that fits your needs perfectly well.

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