Top Five Questions to Ask a Plumber Before Hiring Them

You need to contact a plumber to check your plumbing regularly so you can avoid expensive repairs. But, how do you know who to choose and what should you ask them before they perform the work?

If you’re wondering how to proceed, the following information will give you a checklist of questions to which you can refer. 

What to Ask Plumbers in Fresno

You can narrow down your search for plumber Fresno by knowing what questions to ask. Take time to review their responses so you can find someone who meets your criteria with respect to service, follow-up, and pricing.

1. Are You Licensed?

You don’t want to hire a plumber who does not have a license. This is a big black mark against him. Having a license demonstrates that a plumber is well-qualified in his trade – that he has taken the necessary steps to learn all he can about plumbing and that he has the required experience. 

2. Do You Carry Insurance?

Along with a license, a plumber should also carry liability insurance and workmans’ comp. He needs this insurance in case he or his workers produce damages or get hurt on your property. The last thing you want to incur are expenses related to damages or injuries that are uninsured. 

3. How Long Have You Been Working in the Trade?

Experience is always a welcome qualification when you need to hire a plumber.  When a plumber is experienced, he is more likely to make a repair or perform an inspection expertly and quickly. 

4. How Do You Bill and What Are Your Fees?

Once the plumber gives you a price for their work, ask what the cost includes. Will you pay for the labor and materials? Ask for a precise breakdown. You don’t want to find out later about any hidden fees or additional expenses

You’ll also need to find out if the plumber charges by the hour or if he is assessing you at a fixed rate. If the plumber charges by the hour, you’ll need an estimate about how long the repair will take. 

Ask about the costs for travel too. Some plumbing companies add this expense onto the plumbing bill. Again, requesting a breakdown of all the costs and totaling the amounts will help you determine if you can afford the plumber’s services.

5. What are Your Specialties and Do You Include a Warranty with Your Work?

If the plumber is well versed in general repairs, then you don’t have to worry. He might also be skilled at sewer and drain cleaning or leak detection services. Some plumbers specialize in water heater installations. 

If you want to make sure you have all your bases covered, choose a plumber who is knowledgeable in the basic services – fixing leaks and installing pipes, cleaning drains, replacing toilets, and adding kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Most plumbing repairs and installations come with a 30-day guarantee. Always make sure you have this type of promise.

Make a More Informed Decision

If you want to experience success with plumbing repairs, it pays–literally–to ask questions. The more you know about a plumber’s reputation and qualifications, the easier it will be to maintain your home’s plumbing and cut down on the costs of repairs.

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