How To Choose A Right Calendar App?

Around 70% of adults rely on the digital calendar, as they are a more stable option than our original physical calendars, where we tend to mark the important dates. Today, there are top-ranked and the best calendar apps that offers to maintain your critical date and meetings in time 

In addition, entrepreneurs need to be productive always, as they have ample meetings, so calendar apps are the savior of their business advancement. A quality calendar app will help you manage your personal and professional commitments in proper order.

However, finding a suitable calendar app is still a great struggle among most calendar apps. In this article, we will brief you about the primary purpose of calendar apps, vivid parameters for choosing the correct calendar app, and the current top five calendar apps in the market.

First, let’s find out the purpose of calendar apps and how they help make our life easier.

Purpose of Using Calendar Apps

Calendar apps are as effective as to-do-list apps and will never let you forget an important date. These apps are one of the biggest saviors for managing a hectic schedule and will help you never miss essential matters.

Calendar apps have the sole purpose of scheduling, as they will help you plan your whole day by creating the blocks in the digital calendar. It is beneficial even for a personal event like taking a dog for a walk or attending an essential function of your children’s school. Through this calendar app, nothing will skip from your schedule.

These productive apps will help us remember important events from time to time. It benefits not only from the business perspective but also in individual growth.

Moreover, all the prominent calendar apps are always accessible to multiple platforms and avail of advanced technologies for ease.

Let’s move on to the parameters for choosing the right calendar app.

Parameters to Choose the Right Calendar App

These vivid parameters will help you find that accurate app to set your daily meetings in a proper form.

1) Easy to use

The actual calendar app will not keep you dizzy with its crazy features. As time is precious, always choose a hassle-free calendar app.

Don’t waste your time on useless things, especially if you are an entrepreneur; always think about the business growth, so choose the app that is quick to adapt.

2) Accessible to any platform

The app you choose should be accessible to multiple platforms and easy to use. These services will make the tool powerful, and you will find it compatible with your professional and personal growth.

Even some apps can give you the accessibility to perform over the various platforms, so if you have your mobile phone or desktop, nothing will be a hurdle.

3) Event scheduling

The scheduling of an event is no longer a hazard when you choose the right calendar app. As event schedules can help take care of personal and professional events, they will plan the day properly for effective time allocation.

4) Productive time management

Non-effective time management will no longer threaten your productive day; the proper schedule can be better for productive time management.

Event schedules in the calendar apps can help you never forget the important dates to upgrade time management and will upbeat your life.

Top Five Prominent Calendar Apps.

These five best calendar apps conquer the productivity market.

1) Calendly: Meeting Scheduling App.

It is one of the best productivity apps, with over one crore users. Though, it is one of the largest platforms and gives users convenience. However, this app has the feature of easy-to-schedule meetings without any hassle of individual email for the meetings.

It is one of the pioneers for individuals or teams who want to streamline meetings through calendar management.

    2) Google calendar: Get organized

It is a free-to-use app with over 500 million dedicated users, which is flexible in compatibility for the android, IOS, and desktop versions. Google calendar is flexible and powerful to use, and you can find it to keep track of vivid events.

However, you can dig in anytime, and it is possible to share the entire calendar, after which you can easily subscribe to as many calendars as you want to without thinking twice.

3) calendar app

It is a productivity app that will keep you aligned with the individual and team’s capacity. The app has already reached the mark of 30 million users with 500,000 downloads.

Any. do have extended the features with the built-in calendar and artificial intelligence for the user’s tasks. In 2016, it launched the cal feature, and from that point, it has been a one-stop solution for organized enthusiasts.

 4) aCalendar.

A perfect comprehensive calendar for all your needs also, you can import the data from google calendar and Facebook with fully customizable options. It has an appealing functionality and design and is relatively easy to navigate. aCalendar has over 10M+ downloads, making it a relatively one of the apps with a more extensive user base.

However, if you scroll side by side, it will help you with year, day and month. When you scroll up and down, you are moving the calendar at specific intervals, which will help you schedule meetings effectively.

5) Business Calendar

It has acquired a lot of users with downloads over 50 Lacs, as it will give all the things you need in the calendar apps. For convenience, it comes with the default view for the months of events that can mark in different colors.

Moreover, it has a multi-day viewing mode to see how things will look in a few days. It also has features like planning, schedules, cases, tasks, and events though it also has support for recurring events.

The business calendar has a free version available for testing purposes, but for the full version, there is a rate of $4.99 which will give you access.

Wrap Up

 “Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

Tim Ferriss, American podcaster, author, and entrepreneur

Managing time does not only mean allocating time but also knowing the important dates and events, as productivity can only boost when the opportunity is in priority.

Though the best calender apps are many from which you can find suitable options, through this article, you can choose from the best five in the market to make an upgrade in professional and personal terms.


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