Practical tips to follow if you are visiting Delhi for the first time

From being healthy to tips for transport a practical guide ensures that you have a great time when you are in the city of Delhi for the first time. By now you have made your mind and ready to embark on a trip to Delhi. You are bound to leave behind the scary stories of scams along with terrifying traffic. The warnings of Delhi are not going to phase you in any manner, and there are plenty of tourist attractions in this part of the world that you cannot afford to miss.

Still, you need to be prepared to encounter the challenges that Delhi throws to the first-time travellers. This is a city of soul and there are 20 million people out there.

Which is the best time to visit Delhi?

The mild winter months of November to Delhi are the best time to visit the city of Delhi. You avoid the worst of heat and rain at this time. But be aware that it can turn out to be the worst time of the year for air pollution and fog delays are common from Delhi airport. The temperatures reach oven levels by May, along with the monsoon from June to September that would drench the city with downpours.


For visitors who are coming out of India there is an option of e visa that is available through the Indian government. It is possible to apply for a single visa entry that may last for 3 months. There are multiple visa options that may last for the period of one year to five years. On your arrival at the airport the visa would be stamped. It is a big improvement of those days where you had to stand in the visa lines for the entire day. For the tourists it is suggested that they need to book hotels in New Delhi on an advance basis as there could be a mad scramble of visitors during the festive times.

From all over the world, people tend to converge on the Indira Gandhi international airport. You can get into the Delhi Metro, or opt for a prepaid taxi that is in front of terminal 1 or terminal 3. Bu do avoid the slow buses that is in front of the Kashmere gate.

The best places that you can pay a visit

With air conditioning metros making their presence felt in Delhi there is no space that is off limit. But when it is a full day trip it is better to remain central. The old generation of travellers have gone on to be part of some of the important tourist attractions of the place. There is a happy trip known as Meena Bazar and there are numerous hotels where you can sip in a cup of beer.

Tips for transport

There are auto rickshaws and rickshaws that bound the old city, that abound the old city. The taxis are something that you can flag for the long trips. But meters are rarely used so you need to bargain with them on the price front. It is better that you check with the hotel reception desk to obtain an extra idea about the fare.

With rickshaws bargaining is something that you cannot avoid. Though the rides turn out to be rarely expensive, it is hard to budge the drivers since they are working at a low wage. When it is the metro, they are more than suited for the longer drives. It is better that they zig zag to each and every corner of the city.

Things that you could plan out next time

The Red fort is closed and some work is being done in terms of renovation. There are many sights at the site that is closed for building work. Now you can end up admiring the fort from outside, and you can spend your time in exploring the places of New Delhi from the outside. What you can do is that you can spend time in Hauz Khas

The tourist attractions of the place

One of the famous atmospheric places in New Delhi is Connaught place. More so this is going to be the case when you explore it on foot. Do not miss out on the flower beds and tombs of the Lodi Gardens along with the restored gardens at Sunder Nizam. Now you will be aware on how the magnificent constructions of New Delhi would have looked in the old days.

Do not ignore your health

Delhi is a place that is known for its poor hygiene, but it is really hard to go one step ahead of the competition. Carry an anti- bacterial gel along with a towel whichever part of Delhi that you are visiting. Make sure that you consume food from reputed restaurants and do not much raw food and avoid outlets from the street. Any form of ice and ice cream is a strict no. The polluted air of Delhi is something hard to avoid and travellers are known to wear a dust mask. This is going to become the case during smoggy winter months.

Scams to prevent

Delhi is a place where scams are a common occurrence. Transport can turn out to be a major hassle, and it is better to avoid specific hotels or shops who are taking you to specific hotels or restaurants. When they take you to a hotel, they are going to get a commission and it is better to avoid any help from anyone who comes at the New Delhi railway station. For sure they are going to take you to a travel agency where they will get commission. Always make it a point that you watch out the fake tourist guides who are bound to take you for a ride. These are the things that you need to avoid when you are visiting Delhi for the first time. Prevention will go a long way in stabilizing your visit.

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