What are the advantages of plastic pallets? Let’s find out together.

From the fruit and vegetable sector to that of the automotive industry, from food to livestock, goods travel in most cases on pallets. Even if in the past the offer of pallets to be used was limited to wooden ones, today you have the freedom to choose for your company among other available materials , such as plastic pallet that are becoming increasingly popular on the market because they guarantee unmatched costs and savings.

Whatever your business, one of the biggest challenges that you will surely face regularly is the optimization of efficiency in logistics . That is, your ability to transport goods from point “A” to point “B” at an affordable cost .

Let’s see together, specifically, what are the main advantages of plastic pallets that can help you win your challenge against efficiency.

Plastic pallets are exempt from ISPM 15 requirements.

The ISPM 15 provisions require the treatment of wooden pallets with a thickness greater than 6mm. This procedure is applicable to pallets that must be shipped between two different states, in order to avoid the spread of insects or diseases .

Using plastic pallets will avoid the obligation to carry out these treatments, immediately reducing the overall cost of shipping and reducing the risk of delays at the border due to the verification of compliance with the ISPM 15 regulation.

Plastic pallets have an “infinite” life cycle.

Since plastic is a 100% recyclable material, once their normal cycle of use (in any case very long) is over, plastic pallets do not become waste. They are recycled and transformed into new pallets , eliminating corporate waste disposal problems and offering a more environmentally friendly solution.

Plastic pallets are lightweight.

When shipping, loading or unloading products in the supply chain, weight is a major concern. Since you want to reduce additional costs due to weight, it is important to maximize the ratio of pallet weight to total weight of the goods being transported.

Among the advantages of plastic pallets there is certainly that of having a reduced weight compared to pallets of other materials. At the same weight of wood, plastic allows a considerably greater static and moving structural load, this leads to savings on shipping costs and simplified management of the goods.

Plastic pallets ensure maximum hygiene.

Hygiene is a critical aspect for every company. Nobody wants to run the risk of contracting contamination and suffering economic and image damage . In this regard, another of the key advantages of plastic pallets is the ease in maintaining high levels of hygiene due, above all, to the simplicity of their cleaning. For this reason, plastic pallets are the perfect solution for handling products in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage and livestock sectors.

Plastic pallets are not altered.

Among the various materials in which they are available, plastic pallets are those that are least affected by the atmospheric conditions to which they can be subjected. A fleet of plastic pallets is always kept in excellent condition and ready for use, plastic pallets are not afraid of humidity and bad weather, because they are resistant to corrosion and therefore less subject to structural decay over time typical of those made of wood. . This makes them suitable and safe for any type of company on the market and avoids their replacement due to damage caused by atmospheric agents.

Injected plastic pallets  have gained increasing popularity in recent years. The reason for this success is to be found in their ease of application to the food industry. In this article we will see in which cases it is worth opting for a plastic pallet and what are the pros and cons compared to its wooden equivalent.

The pros of the plastic pallet

  • It weighs about half the same wooden pallet.
  • It is easy to clean, which is very popular in the food industry.
  • It can be colored and customized for better detection and control.
  • It is more resistant to shocks.
  • It is a long-lasting product: the duration is about ten times longer than that of wooden pallets.

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