Different types of portable car lifts and how to choose the right use

A car lift is a device that provides convenience for mechanics. Use it to easily lift or move heavy vehicles. It is a must-have item for any car shop or garage that assists in car repair and maintenance services. Therefore, a car lift is a product that has continuously increased demand in the market and has led to the production of various types of portable car lift. in order to create a suitable application for each type of vehicle Car lifts are divided into the following types:

1.  Two Post Lifts _ _

This type of car lift is the most popular and talked about. Two post car lifts are known for their strong columns and are very stable in operation. and takes up little space Suitable for use in smaller and lighter vehicles. This type of car lift is suitable for small shops. Or businesses that are new to the industry. There are 2 types of elevators that lift overhead (upper beams) and elevators with lower supports (lower beams).

Two-post car lifts can be divided into three types: symmetrical , asymmetrical and semi-symmetrical.

– symmetrical elevator It is stable and can support about 50 % of the weight of the truck. It’s easy to see from the poles facing each other. can lift various popular car models safely

– asymmetrical lift There are swingarms of different lengths both front and rear.

– Semi-symmetrical lifts It is an elevator that combines the benefits of symmetrical and asymmetrical lifts.

2.  Four Post Lifts _ _

The 4-post car lift is suitable for lifting medium-heavy vehicles such as medium-sized sedans. and small trucks This type of lift has a lifting capacity of up to 18 tons. It has a higher lifting capacity than a 2-post car lift. This 4-post lift has more than 50 styles because it has a wide range of customers. Easy to use and uncomplicated for novice users, this 4-post car lift may cost a bit more than a 2-post lift, but it offers more flexibility, capacity and storage space. The obvious disadvantage of this type of lift is If you want to use this type of lift to fix wheels You will also need to purchase additional lift bridges to raise the wheels.

3.  Scissor Car Lifts

The term scissor lift covers all types of car lifts that have an accordion-like fold or a mechanism under the car. It is generally used for wheel repair work that does not require a lot of lifting of the vehicle body. Scissor lifts can be divided into 3 groups: X lifts ( X type ) , centered lifts. parallelogram type and pantograph lifts , which are similar to 4-post car lifts, scissor lifts with simple installation procedures.

4.  Portable Car Lifts

portable car lift Suitable for people with limited space in their garage or garage. because it can be moved easily. But must I check the lifting capacity of the car lift to make sure that it has enough lifting power or not ?

5.  In ground Car Lifts

For a long time, this ground-mounted car lift was a staple of almost all car shops or garages. Because it can save space to keep the car under the floor of this type of car lift. which can be used as a scissor car lift and also to protect the ground from damage or collapse

6.  Mobile Column Car Lifts

Mobile car lift It is special than other types of car lifts that can remove / add columns. In addition, in some models, it also comes with an intelligent model that can be commanded via wireless signals as well, and can increase the number of antennas up to 8 Column At present, the mobile car lift has a wheeled design. And there is a type of lifting fork to bring the car into this type of car lift. Mobile car lifts are increasing in volume at large auto shops or garages.

7.  Parking Lifts

Parking lifts are generally not used for vehicle maintenance. But it will only be used to park the car to save space in the garage. Because this type of elevator has limited parking space. which can drive up to park on top of the elevator And at the bottom of the elevator there are only 1-2 columns to support the weight because this type of elevator is designed to be able to park another car below.

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