What are you should know about New World Smelting & Melting Guide

In this article, we will show you how to improve your skill level in smelting in New World. Smelting provides you with metals and coal to make more weapons or armor to sell for New World gold. It is important to collect and process resources so that you can refine better ores



Charcoal can be made from workshop level 2 and skill level 0. For the production you need 2 green wood.


Metals can also be refined at the forge. Here it also starts from level 2 and goes up to the Legendary level of the smelter. At a legendary smelter, you can produce a void bent ingot.

Valuable metals

Of course, valuable metals like silver and gold, as well as platinum, cannot be missing in New World. You can also produce these as ingots at the smelter if you can bring the necessary resources. We have compiled a list of which ingots are available for which metals in this table.

Collecting spots

Iron ore

You can generally find iron ore everywhere on the map. However, you will find the most deposits in the smallest area southeast of the city of Cutlass Reef. This area is teeming with veins of iron ore waiting to be picked by you with a pickaxe, that’s will be updated in New World 1.3 patch. You should be able to mine over 50 iron ore nodes per trip by traveling around this area skillfully.

Gold Ore

If you are already in the region collecting iron ore, you can also find many gold veins there. Around the Spit Ruin and Faulorth Cave, you can find up to 20 gold veins, which you can take directly with you.

Silver Ore

Silver ore joins its two brothers, iron and gold, and can be found in larger quantities in the area around the city of Cutlass Reef. This all combines beautifully and you can find over 30 nodes of silver ore in the region.

Platinum Ore

If you are looking for platinum ore, you should go west of the city of Brackish Water. You will find more than 20 nodes with the coveted metal ore at the mountains there. All you have to do is travel back and forth between Stripe Death Cave and Sky View Rest and look around the landmarks.

Star Metal Ore

For the coveted Star Metal Ore, look in the area and around the city of Fission Point. There are more than 30 nodes of Star Metal Ore just waiting for you to pick them up!

Crafting an essential game element

It is obvious that the crafting system in New World is a fundamental part of the game. So you should not leave the professions untouched. We’re yet to find out what the possibilities are in the later stages, as so far in beta testing we’ve never been able to play far enough. As soon as we know more, we will expand our crafting guides again.

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