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Jenni Rivera’s husband is Jose Trinidad Marin, a well-known American singer, songwriter, actress, speaker, and businessman. On February 15, 1964, George was born. He was born in the United States under the sign of Aquarius. On the other hand, Jenni had a bad reputation as a TV host. Let’s learn more about his health, relationship status, education, family, and celebrity.

José Trinidad Marn’s Biography

Jose Trinidad Marin, also known as Trino Marin, is the husband of Jenni Rivera, a US singer who died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012. He and six other passengers were killed in the incident.

Jenni became a mother when she was only 17 years old. On February 15, 1964, she gave birth to a son. Rivera rose to prominence in the United States as a singer, composer, actor, television producer, broadcaster, and philanthropist.

Jose was born and raised in Mexico before moving to the United States of America with his family. She met Jenni when she was 15 and became pregnant when she was 17. Jenni filed for divorce early in the 1990s, and the couple divorced in 1992. He was accused of assaulting their daughter Jenni and his sister Rosie. The 2007 case supported the allegations.

He is currently incarcerated for sexual assault and other crimes. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison without the possibility of parole in 2007.

Profile summary for Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Trinidad Marin is his full name (also known as Trino Marin)

Date of birth: February 15, 1964

America the Beautiful

Mexican-American ancestry

divorcee’s marital status

Jenni Rivera is his wife’s name (real name Dolores Saavedra)

The retired director manager of an American-Mexican restaurant.

Chiquis Rivera, Jacqueline Campos, and Michael Marin are the children.

Jose Marin’s Physical Appearance

Jose Trinidad is currently 57 years old. He is approximately 15 feet [5 meters] and 10 inches tall. Trinidad should maintain its former spouse’s physical appearance. He weighs 67kg in terms of resources.

Relationship of Jose Marin

As we all know, everyone expects something, especially if you are married to the people you love. Jenni has high hopes for Trino in this case. Their first child was born in 1985. It was known as Chiquis. Jacqueline, their second child, was born later, in 1989. Michael, their third child, was born in 1991.

They were, after all, the parents of three children. On the other hand, their marriage was fraught with problems and ongoing abuse. So they decide to part ways and move on with their lives. Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband abused her physically and emotionally. Unexpectedly, he sexually abused his daughter and sister. Their divorce was primarily the result of psychological and physical abuse.

After their divorce, Jenni Rivera’s younger sister, Rosie, admitted to being sexually abused by Jenni Rivera’s husband, Trino Marin. He then did the same to his daughter, Chiquis. After a medical examination, she discovered that she had done this with Jacqueline. After a complaint was filed in 1997, Trino-Marin fled for nine years.

In April 2006, he was arrested. He was found guilty of rape and sexual assault. He was sentenced to more than 31 years in prison without the possibility of parole. Trino Marin is currently incarcerated on such charges. His ex-wife married Juan Lopez for the second time that year.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s professional and personal lives

Jose Trinidad Marins was devastated when Jenny and Jose first met. Marin worked in various jobs before being appointed administrative manager at an American restaurant at the age of 22. Jose Marin then started working, and he worked hard.

The total quantity of Trino Marin

Trino Marin, Jenni Rivera’s husband, was fined between USD 600,000 and USD 800,000 before his arrest, according to our investigation. He was a restaurant manager who was fired after sexually assaulting one of his coworkers.

Jose Marin and Jenni Rivera’s three children

Jenni and her husband were still in high school when they had their first child. On June 26, 1985, both ex-lovers gave birth to their first child. Her parents named her eldest daughter Chiquis Rivera. Jenni took advantage of high school pressure despite her young motherhood and completed her education on time. The couple’s second daughter, Jacqueline, was born a few years after their first (born November 20, 1989).

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Rivera announced her third pregnancy in September 1991. Trino’s youngest child is Michael. They are facing a slew of child custody charges due to their divorce. Rivera was granted custody of the children following a favorable court decision.

Their three children excel in various areas. Marin’s eldest daughter, Chiquis Rivera (see Chiquis Rivera’s Instagram profile), followed in her mother’s footsteps. Her singing career earns her a lot of money. Trino’s other two children began their careers as English actors on American and Mexican television shows.

The family feud of Jose Trinidad

Jose crossed the line with her younger sister Jenni despite her reputation as a well-known partner. Her Rivera younger sister admitted being mistreated and attacked by Jose Marin in 1997. Jenni’s sister stated that she was not only sexually assaulted but was also abused.

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