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5 Dental hygiene tips to reach an unforgettable smile

About 10 per cent of people have dental phobia, which means they are afraid to visit dental clinics. If you already have bad habits that cause dental issues for you, this phobia can make you more struggling. Getting into a good dental regime can reduce the chance of dental cavities and reduce anxiety. It also makes it much easier to go to dental clinics. We, at sw19 confidental, gathered some tips and advice that are approved by dentist sw19 to help you maintain oral hygiene.

1.    Eat Right food

What is the main purpose of having teeth? Obviously is eating food. Some people think that the first step of achieving a beautiful smile and teeth is to brush or floss but it’s not. If you don’t have to eat to survive there was nothing to worry about. Many foods can really hurt your teeth but also there are so many of them that can help you to reach the best dental hygiene. Foods that contain calcium like coconut or milk can increase the chance of having better teeth.

Leafy greens and crunchy fruits like carrots and apples can increase the strength and health of jawbones. Crunch vegetables also clean your teeth and scrub dental plaques from the teeth surface.

2.    Brush and Floss as your dentist south Wimbledon says

Most people just brush their teeth and think that is enough. But the dentists say a different thing! They say the most important part of dental care that decrease the chance of dental cavities is flossing. About 30 per cent of people claim to floss often when they have enough time. If you stick to good brushing and flossing your dental condition would be perfect whether you had the best diet or not.

The first step is brushing your teeth at least twice a day. If you never brush and just floss your teeth it would be much harder than usual. So brushing and flossing completely each other advantage.

The best time to floss or brush is right after meals. This act can stop building up plaques in your mouth and decrease the chance of dental cavities. If you are an office worker, remember to pick up your toothbrush every day. Good dental care guarantees your overall health. Have you ever seen a healthy person with a bad dental condition?

Brush your teeth carefully. If you are easier when you see your teeth, keep brushing in front of the mirror and set a timer to brush your teeth at least for 2 minutes.

3.    Never forget to use fluoride enough

Years ago scientists found that fluoride can reduce the chance of dental cavities and gum disease between people. Fluoride also can help your enamel to stay hard and strong. Fluoride is also used in tubes of toothpaste. The main ingredient of toothpaste ate baking soda and fluoride. Fluoride is completely approved by dentists and national health organizations as the best way to fix dental problems and prevent further dental issues.

For example, if you want to mitigate dental cavities, you can use fluoride to reduce the problem in your mouth.

4.    Notice what you drink

Have you ever thought about your daily drinking patterns? The human body needs water to keep going and because of that, you drink whenever your body needs it. So many times you don’t even remember what you drink and what was that for? For example, soda! When you eat a burger you never notice the amount of sugar in it, you just drink it to change the taste in your mouth. According to the research, most people think that they drink fruit juice most of the time but it is not like that. Most people think juice is the better choice for their kids or themselves but they don’t notice that juice is some kind of pure sugar especially when it’s without pulp. Buying fruit juice for kids every day can be as harmful as buying sodas every day.

All of this goes for adults too. Bacteria who live in your mouth love to consume sugar. It doesn’t matter what type of sugar it is. The food sugar creates the breeding ground for them. Then sugary foods turn into acid. Actually, the main reason for teeth cavities is acid. Imagine an alien who can spit on your teeth and melt them! But it is real, it’s not an alien. The bacteria in your mouth exactly do the same on your teeth.

5.    Protect Your mouth and teeth

As we said before, teeth are there for just eating food. They are meant for chewing fruits, vegetables, meats and other kinds of food. Don’t use them for anything everybody knows it is not good for teeth. Your teeth shouldn’t use for unpacking a package or opening a beer. If you already have these kinds of habits, we should say you will face broken or chipped teeth soon.

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