10 Best Digital Cameras under $100 for low budget earners

Are you looking for the best Digital Cameras under $100 — If Yep, then look no further! In this post, there are 10 Digital Cameras that offers the best at a relatively low price point.

There’s no need to bother for the best affordable digital cameras in the market. Yah, don’t do it because we’ve got you covered. You only need to stick around till the very end of this article.

Nonetheless, let’s make this pan out!

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1. Polaroid Underwater Camera

$59 at Amazon

The Polaroid Underwater Camera is arguably one of the Best digital cameras under $100. When you’re talking of those Affordable Camera’s that offers the best for your money – Then, this camera is a sure contender.

The Camera comes at an impressively small size which can easily sit firmly in your pocket. So if your priority is portability – we humbly crave your indulgence to patronize it.

It is equipped with a Waterproof protective interface as well as a bumbproof feature which secures the circuit at all times. Ironically, this camera is mostly used by GoPro’s in recording their swimming skits and that of their fantastic stunts.

It boast a massive 18mp which is really good for the same price point. And while 18mp doesn’t offer the best, it’s still a nice perk to start up it. It offers an extended video recording from 1080p (default) to 4k, this is really insane!

It has a Mini Camera situated at the front of the unit, not only that — it can also dual as a vlogging or a selfie camera. You can easily share your footages across all social media platform with a strong Wi-Fi connection.

One minor drawbacks is that it’s powered with an inbuilt battery which can’t be replaced in a rare condition of no-power. That’s means, manually replacing the battery is unsupported. But this is ignorable if there’s a stable supply of electricity in your state.

Now, it’s up to you to decide whether to purchase the product or to choose other ones with replaceable batteries — read further to get in touch with so many assortments.

2. Canon IVY REC

Check price

One intriguing thing is that it doesn’t have a screen — But you can always download the Canon Mini Cam app to control it with your smartphone via Bluetooth and WiFi.

The Smart Camera is weigh too durable than it may appear. Basically, it can adapt to or withstand a sudden fall, of over 6 feet high.

It’s a portable shutter that comes with a hanger (Carabineer) which ensues convenience and much more portability. So, you can always clip the Camera on sth effective whilst shooting your best moments.

In terms of its sensor, it features a look-alike board to that of Canon’s DSLR systems. It supports a decent 13mp for images which is cool at this price point.

The IVY REC has a dual-purpose feature as well — the square shape in the camera is literally your viewfinder (you look through this hole to compose your picture).

It also supports 1080p video by 60fps, which had drastically earned it a spot among the Best Digital Cameras under $100.

3. Canon IVY CLIQ2

The Canon IVY is also among the Best Digital Cameras under $100 bucks. This is as a result of its tremendous appearance as well as its efficacy at this price point.

$89 at Amazon

This camera is the best alternative to the Canon IVY REC version above. Another bit of Polaroid concept, this camera instant-prints your photos much as Camera did many years ago.

In terms of portability, this nifty Camera is really good for parties and ceremonies. Actually, it was dubbed the best portable Camera of all times!

The most fascinating part is that — the so-called shutter is designed with an Intricate printing technology called ZINK, an acronym for Zero Printing System.

The camera itself is so exquisite, featuring a high-end Selfie light that illuminates faces, even much better than a conventional shutter. Now, you’ll always want to look flattering on the Camera, to get the best experience — You got to pair the Camera with your smartphone to unlock hidden features.

4. Polaroid iSO48

$39 at Amazon

The Polaroid iSO48 is probably a smart step up from the initial underwater camera mentioned previously in this Article. With a 4k video recording, and a smart 18mp photo quality — this camera is said to be an upgrade over the old.

Generally speaking, if you’re dead set on selecting the Best Digital Cameras under $100, this camera is ideally the best option.

The Camera records images quite very normal at a distance of up to 10ft. The same thing applies to its rear display which allows you to see distant images more clearly and vividly.

With a Wifi and Bluetooth connection, one can easily remote the Camera just with our regular smartphone. It also features a built-in flashlight, which provides the best underwater capturing experience.

Interestingly, the Camera comes in two modes such as; the Manual mode, & the Automatic mode option! You can tweak your exposure rate and certain things in the manual mode while the Automatic mode option provides a Knee-jerk response.

This camera do suffer the same downside of not having a removable battery — this is so unluckily but mind you, it is such a bitty problem that can be neglected.

5. Vivitar ViviCam

$49 at Amazon

This Camera is just another pretty face for dummies to start up with. It’s no brainer and requires no learning curve — you just control the Camera like a mobile phone. Wow! It also delivers crisp images that’s even much better than its counterparts.

It comes with an array of different colors, making it more satisfactory. If you need sth small, compact or lightweight — then this camera is a best bet to that desired end.

Even though the Camera doesn’t offer the best of all, there is still an absolute certitude of its position among the Best Digital Cameras under $100.

The bottom line — It offers a mid-range experience i.e HD or 720p recording and a Photo unit up to 16 megapixels. It supports 4× digital zooming which is enough for walk-around capturing.

It has a built-in flash that helps in Dark areas, and also a Macro mode for proper focus of the image.

The Camera is fueled with three AAA batteries which some people’s prefer and some others do not. So, it’s up to you to decide whether to make that move or not.

There’s also a free Standalone companion software that can be used to expand more features of the Camera. Flabbergasted? Just Go get it before it goes out of stock – see link above

6. Kodak PIXPRO FZ53-RD

Shop on Amazon

This FZ53-RD Camera from the Kodak PIXPRO company is doing really good in the market. With its intuitive design as well as its lightweightness, this camera is arguably the best buy in terms of Portability. Measuring just 3.68 ounces, this basic camera has done it all.

It offers an impressive 5× optical zoom feature which is essential for better image quality. This Point-and-shoot Camera is capable of capturing images as well as videos at 18mp and 720p respectively.

FZ53-RD has special sensors that can discern a Smile, a Blink and a Face, it also offers some other mesmerizing features that’s worth one’s weight in Gold.

Despite all this pros, the Camera still suffer from a low image quality which is obviously the lowest in this list.

7. Fujifilm Instax Wide 300

$74 at Amazon

Fujifilm Instax has been touted as the best Point, shoot and Print camera for wilder image formats. Been versatile to produce a desired look, this compact camera has earned its spot among the Best Digital Cameras under $100.

It’s capable of delivering Prints that are double the size of an Instax mini. Additionally, it offers crisp photos despite having an image frame of 2.4×3.9 wide. Ironically, this look is critical for all Instant Print Applications.

In terms of lenses, this camera has 2 major settings: 3-10ft. and 10ft from above. The former is ideal for Portrait orientation while the latter is is recommended for Landscape vintage.

If you’re a fan of image-quality who shows no regard to small-sized Instax prints, this camera is surely your best option.

Based on intuition, whatever has pros should also has cons. Here are flaws we encountered while testing this product: Short exposure time, some modes aren’t available!

8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9

Instax mini 9 is also among the Best Digital Cameras under $100 owing to its tremendous features and quality. It’s actually the Best Point-and-shoot Camera for producing classic or small Prints while leaving the natural image quality intact.

This stylish camera can easily gather and convert image files into Prints, honouring it the ideal choice for instant parties and ceremonies. It has many color assortments to choose from. So, whether you’re dead set on having a particular color decor — it’s fully there!

It has a built-in lens that’s designed for a wide-range shooting needs up to 50cm. Also equiped with sensors that can discern some variations in weather condition, this camera has probably earned countless props from users.

9. Akaso EK7000 Pro

$79 at Amazon

The Akaso EK700 is an underpriced action Camera that’s even a bit perfect to the early GoPro’s versions. It’s a nifty Camera that offers the best for your money.

The EK7000 Pro is protected with a waterproof casing that works really well even when you’re under 131ft. underwater. It’s designed with a HyperSmooth video stabilization feature which counteracts unwanted movements during recording.

It has supports for 4k video recording under 25fps which is slightly good but not special. Recording a moving object can be challenging with this camera, as the outcome is slightly blurry.

You also have a time lapse option as well as a WiFi connectivity which can be utilized to control the whole camera via a 2.4GHz wrist remote control.

While the EK7000 Pro comes with a range of many features, yet its image resolution isn’t that good at 16mp. And Just like Brave 6, it’s video resolution minimizes per increase in Frame Per Second (fps)..

10. COOAU 4K Underwater Action Camera

$69 at Amazon

This is an inexpensive camera with decent resolution for both image files and video recordings. It produces 4k Ultra HD footages at 25fps, and image files at 20mp, which is really great.

It generates this crisp files by utilizing several technologies as follows: anti-shake image stabilization, 2.4-G wrist remote control, built-in ISO, exposure value and a proper WiFi connectivity.

The jackpot is that — it has a time-lapse recording capability which gives you an overall control over the frames. This way, you can easily take a perfect shot pertaining to your choice.

In conclusion, the so-called shutter is obviously the best Point-and-shoot Camera for people’s under the budget of $100.

And that wrapped it up for the topic — 10 Best Digital Cameras under $100

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