Best websites to Watch Movies For Free

Watching movies is the best part time for everyone and a part of our lifestyle. Movies make everyone excited and after office hours or on weekends everyone needs some break to relax their mind and body. Movies make our mood fresh, relax our mind, and reduce stress. We understand that everyone loves to watch movies but believe me not all the people love to spend more money on movie tickets or to buy any subscription of OTT platforms. So, in this situation everyone loves to check other ways to find their favorite movies.

For those who love to watch movies, but do not want to spend thousands of bucks, there is an option of free movie websites. Free websites that provide you all types of movies, or in all languages. So, why to wait for a movie to come on TV, when there is an option to download any movie for free. Let’s discuss some popular free movie streaming sites.

Let’s start with the list of popular websites to watch movies:

1. Tubi TV- Tubi TV is the most popular site where you can find free movies of all categories or in all languages. They provide a good user interface, and you can enjoy movies from any device. Tubi TV application is also available, you can download on your android phone, tablet, or in iphone to watch movies online. After downloading the app, you do not need to wait to go home and watch, you can download and watch whenever you will get some free time.

They publish latest movies related to categories like action films, romance, love stories, hollywood etc., With categories and language, they provide the option to watch movies in all qualities.

2. Uwatchfree – Do not forget about the Uwatchfree website which is another popular movie streaming site in this list. Uwatchfree website offers a variety of movies and series online. You can not only watch online, but can also download your favorite movie. Also, no need to search on different pages for any movie, they provided a search filter at home page. You can search for any movie or can download as per your wish. This is considered as the most popular site because of their user interface and high-resolution videos. At their home page search for the movie name, and you will directly get a link to download.

3. Popcornflix – This website was released in 2010-2011 that offers high quality movies. Currently it is available only in America, and can be banned in India. Also, the app is available for all the devices including mac, android, windows etc., They offer original content with a lot of web series. Every category of movies is available on this website, especially Bollywood and Hollywood movies. If we talk about the disadvantage, then this website shows a lot of ads so you have to make sure not to click on any ad while surfing this website.

4. Jio Rockers Tamil – With Bollywood and Hollywood many people still love to watch tamil or telugu films, so for those who love to watch such kind of movies Jio rockers Tamil website is best for the, Not only because of the language of movies available this website is popular due to its good interface, good speed. So, next time if you want to watch free movies make sure to check Jio rockers Tamil website once.


So, these are some of the free movie sites that can save your pocket from burning. Next time you think of watching a movie, you must check the free movie streaming sites. Although some websites are illegal and not recommended to use. But for your safety do not click on any ads or notifications also, make sure to use VPN also.

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