How To Find Your Voice: A Guide to Exploring Your Writing Style

There are many reasons to start writing. Getting your voice out through words can be therapeutic and healing, giving you a sense of release, as well as a creative outlet. Expanding your personal voice is an important step in developing your own brand of writing.

In this article, I will walk you through the steps to finding your voice and exploring what it means for you personally. Whether you are just beginning to dip your toes into the vast ocean that is blogging or have been writing for years, there’s something here for everyone!


What Is Your Voice?

First, you need to define your voice and the characteristics that you want in your writing. What does your voice sound like? What does it feel like when you read or write something from your perspective?

For me, my voice is a mixture of casual and personal. It’s conversational but still concise and well-structured. You might have a different style of writing than someone else; Get Pro Writer everyone has their own unique way of expressing themselves through words. The important thing to remember is that your voice should be genuine. It should be one that reflects the core of who you are as a person and who you want to be as a writer.


How Do You Discover Your Voice?

The first step to finding your voice is to figure out what it means for you. What do you want your writing to sound like? How does the voice of your article reflect who you are and how you see the world? There is no one universal way to find your voice, but some tips and suggestions below.

-Set aside a specific time, like early morning or late night, when you won’t be disturbed by anything.

-Make a list of all the words that are important to you: emotions, values, values, people, places, events in life.

-Write down questions about the things on your list: What does life mean for me? How do I feel about this person? Where does my passion come from? What are my goals in life?

-Start with a blank document and write down these words as they come up. You might be surprised what comes out!

-Take time every day to write in order to explore and hone your writing skills.

-When working on a blog post or article, try using different styles of writing–first person (I), second person (you), third person (he/she/they).


Understand Your Voice and Write with It

One of the first steps to finding your voice is identifying your writing style. There are many types of styles, but for simplicity’s sake, let’s just say there are three main writing styles: Expository, Narrative, and Argumentative.

Expository style is when someone writes with a tone of explaining something or teaching others something new. In this style, you use short sentences and paragraphs that can be articulated easily by following a subject matter.

Narrative style is when someone writes in a more conversational tone through storytelling or anecdotes that help infuse emotion into the work. This type of style uses longer and more descriptive sentences and paragraphs.

Finally, the Argumentative style is often seen as more persuasive than the other two styles because it has an authoritative tone and sets up an argument within the writing itself. It’s not so much about telling readers information—it’s about convincing them to believe what you want them to believe.

These three styles are often used interchangeably without distinction so it’s best to try each one before deciding which one suits you best!


Putting It Into Practice

Get to know yourself

You can’t write what you don’t know. You have to first understand your strengths, weaknesses, and the way you think before you can even begin to create a unique work of art.



If you don’t know what your voice is, how can you use it to get your point across?

It’s a question that many beginning writers struggle with, and as a writer, you should be able to answer this question without any hesitation.

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