Custom Printing can Enrich with Colors your Ordinary-looking Candle Boxes

Candle Boxes

People love to celebrate events or occasions and they want something unique and special for that. Many festivals and occasions have different things associated with them but one thing is common and that is colorful candles.

At icustomboxes, we are creating boxes for candles with different shapes or styles for different needs and different types of candles. By matching the delicacy and the size or shape of the candles, we can transform the boxes to wrap them with precision.

We offer Boxes for Candles with birthday themes including counting or memorable themes. We make them differently with fragrances for romantic events or use at wedding events. Consult with experts at icustomboxes with confidence and we can create something unique and attractive for your specific needs.

Candle boxes with wholesale options to match unique needs:

You are creating amazing candles with an attractive look or design but you do not have the matching candle boxes to pack them? Your customer can lose trust in your brand easily due to this reason.

The delicacy of candles requires them to pack and keep with secure packaging and a cardboard candle box is an ideal choice. If you put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what your customer will think about your brand when find candles broken?

Getting high-class boxes for candles with strong and stable material is necessary to create the right brand image. Ordering them in large quantities is not a big problem now.

With packaging suppliers like icustomboxes, you can get candle boxes with eco-friendly packaging material at reduced prices. Our wholesale candle box bundles are designed to easily meet all needs and requirements.

Custom printing can enrich with colors your ordinary-looking custom candle boxes:

Candle boxes without any printing or content may look clunky and flat compared to competitors’ candles. People may like your candles more, but they may disown your brand because of boring boxes.

Vibrant options of custom printing at icustomboxes have created a way for customers like you to present their candles more professionally. By choosing one of the following printing options, you can experience the benefits of personalized printing for yourself.

Digital Printing

Candle boxes are usually printed with digital printing as it provides greater flexibility and cost savings when experimenting. You can quickly alter different options and styles for your logo to finalize. It is a cost-effective way to try and test various options to choose for artwork or graphics at their boxes.

Lithographic Printing

This is more of an old-fashioned style of printing in which the printing material is applied to printing plates before being transferred to the final material. you may get an unlimited number of final printed candle boxes, once you successfully complete the initial setup process.

Guided Personalization till final product:

At icustomboxes, we welcome you if you want a more personalized packaging experience. We can offer you many 2D and 3D packaging options and models to choose from. You can ask us to add some custom features as per your liking to these templates or you can give us your designs.

We like experimentation with various options to finalize the packaging material for any given situation and you will like it as well. Various add-ons like embossing, debossing, hot-foiling, UV prints, or various finishing options like gloss or matte finishing are available.

Come to icustomboxes if you want high-class services:

• Premium material has  highly desirable characteristics:

Creating candle boxes with quality material is an art that takes time to learn. We know that because we are doing it for the past several years. Material that we are using in our products has the desirable features that make them strong and stable.

The candles are delicately made with wax that can easily deform. Therefore, you need a strong material not only to hold them but also to protect them from harmful factors.

• Unlimited options of designs and artworks with add-ons and finishing features:

Choosing the high-value and high-class Custom Candy Packaging supplier must be ordered with something unique and classy. This can be done by any ordinary packaging supplier but if you talk about icustomboxes, we have an exhaustive list of customization to impress you. We can create your candle boxes with a custom printed logo on them. You can further make them with different color combinations.

• Pocket-friendly options

All the features of the high-class packaging that you can think of, you can get at icustomboxes at pocket-friendly prices. We further offer amazing discounts if you buy with particular bulk-quantity lot sizes.

By using eco-friendly materials, we have automated our process to reduce prices and we can share that cost avoidance with our customers as well.


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