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Why Dentists Recommend Zirconia Crowns For Missing Teeth

Zirconia crowns have many advantages, from durability to gentleness on surrounding teeth. However, they are not without problems, and a recent survey by the American Dentist Association found that half of dentists reported problems with zirconia’s debonding or translucency.

Do you need Crown Bridge or Single Implant?

There are two main types of dental implants: single tooth implants and crown bridges. Single tooth implants are a good choice if you only have one missing tooth. If you have several teeth missing, an implant-bridge hybrid may be a better option. Both procedures require a surgical procedure. The surgery takes a few weeks and involves drilling a small hole in your jawbone. Once the bone heals, your dentist will attach a connector and a crown.

While single tooth implants may be the most permanent option, dental bridges have their disadvantages. One major drawback is the long process. The procedure requires invasive surgery and significant healing time. In addition, there is the possibility of infection. In addition, single-tooth implants are not ideal for missing teeth that are grouped together. Therefore, you may need to have several dental visits to get the perfect fit.

Single-tooth implants are generally more expensive than bridges and require separate implants. Additionally, they are impractical for people with weak bones or other conditions that make them slow to heal. A dental bridge is an excellent choice for patients with a stable jawbone and good overall health.

Do Turkey Teeth Work?

Teeth Turkey is a name of trending phrase of getting teeth done in Turkey within a dental tourism package. Dental care in Turkey is cheaper and comfortable than dental care in the UK or US. “Teeth done in Turkey has no difference than other countries” says the head dentist of Istanbul Okutan Dental Clinic. The clinic has welcomed hundreds of patients in 2021 and 2022, even during the time in pandemic   

Dental procedures in Turkey can also be completed in less time than in the UK. For instance, a patient who needs a root canal in the US or Europe may have to wait months before receiving the treatment. In the meantime, they may have to endure a painful toothache and the possibility of losing the tooth. Whereas having treatment for teeth in Turkey comes with luxurious benefits as 5 stars hotels and nice Turkish cousine. Plus, during visiting days of Istanbul, young people and married couples can go to bars or public places to have fun, or for a smooth day historical places can be visited around historical peninsula. You can enjoy Turkish hamams or visiting 

Dental tourism packages also offer transportation service within airport, Patients can 

In recent years, Turkey has become a hotbed of dental tourism, particularly for the bargain-hunting Brits. In fact, there are more than 2,000 cosmetic dentistry procedures performed in Turkey every day, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Dental Surgery. According to the organisation, one in five patients are medical tourists.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia Crowns are a modern way to replace missing teeth. They are made from zirconia, which is exceptionally hard and strong. However, zirconia crowns can damage the opposing natural teeth if they are not properly placed. This is why extra care must be taken in designing and crafting the crowns to avoid excessive wear and tear on the neighboring teeth. Since they are so strong, dentists usually place zirconia crowns in the back of the mouth, where they are less likely to be worn down by daily use. The procedure is similar to placing traditional crowns, and typically requires two visits to the dentist.

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