What You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes may radically transform your appearance. You may transform a plain appearance into a glam one by applying eyelashes. Extensions may make our natural eyelashes seem fuller. Something mascara cannot do. Lash extensions increase the thickness, fullness, and length of the lashes.

There are many different types of eyelashes available nowadays, including human hair, synthetic, silk, and mink. Eyelashes are becoming more popular, and women are searching for a more long-lasting option that does not need daily application.

You should consider how far you are ready to go for thicker lashes and if they are really worth it. If you desire extensions, there are a few things you should know.

What to Think About Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

It is essential, like with many other aesthetic procedures, to hire a skilled specialist to execute it. “Your first concern should be safety,” adds Richardson. “It is critical to find someone who is qualified to apply the lashes. Depending on the state, the stylist must be licensed as well as certified, “She continues. Don’t be hesitant to ask questions regarding a salon or stylist’s expertise and certifications.

However, after you’ve passed that obstacle, the chances of experiencing any negative effects from eyelash extensions are slim. According to Richardson, persons with very sensitive or often inflamed eyes may be allergic to the glue utilized. However, you should also consider the time commitment and expense. While the extensions will stay for a long time, the application procedure may be time-consuming, and you’ll need to return to have them touched up (every two to three weeks), re-done fully (every month or so), or removed (after approximately six weeks, if they haven’t naturally fallen off by then). To summarize, this is one aesthetic procedure that requires both time and monetary investment.

A Time-Taking Process

They are a rather time-consuming addition to your cosmetic regimen. You cannot wash your face while wearing lash extensions, and you must be extremely cautious while touching your eyes—allergy season does not help. As a result, they must be changed every 4-6 weeks.

Furthermore, most professionals suggest that you wash your eyelashes on a regular basis to maintain them free of oil and dirt.

If you don’t come in for fills, your lashes will look ridiculous. If you don’t want to do the fills, you must have them professionally removed. Also, you have to save them, for which you need to use great eyelash packaging.


Synthetic lashes are applied to the natural lashes of a person to make them appear longer and more beautiful. There are just a few strategies for extending lashes. Previously, cluster lash extensions might be quite detrimental to the health of natural lashes, but there have been tremendous advances in the procedures and materials utilized in recent years.

As previously said, there are several varieties of eyelashes available on the market nowadays. Mink, in general, is softer, feather-like, and light, giving it a more natural appearance. The only disadvantage is the price. Silk and synthetic extensions may still be customized to save money and produce a more natural appearance. You may customize the density, length, and curls as well.

How Are Eyelash Extensions Used?

You’ll want to make time for this since obtaining eyelash extensions may take anywhere from one to two hours (!) depending on the final appearance you desire, according to Richardson. The silver lining is that you’ll be able to lay down with your eyes closed for most of it, which some people find pleasant, she adds. The synthetic strands are carefully put one at a time, often 80 to 140 per eye, using a specially designed, semi-permanent adhesive and going straight onto the existing hair at the base of the eyelash, rather than the skin, according to Richardson. To give you some perspective, the typical individual has 200-300 lashes on their upper lid.

To apply for the extensions, bond them one after the other using a semi-permanent adhesive. Keeping your eyes closed is the best way to avoid getting glue in them. Because we all know how sensitive the eyes are, you should think about the kind of adhesive you use. It makes reasonable to avoid glues containing formaldehyde. Also, use caution since the material might accumulate during transportation.

The Procedure Should Be Painless

If the surgery is performed correctly, there should be no discomfort involved. There is no need for you to feel nervous during the procedure. As if you were looking at your own natural lashes, you should be able to identify the extensions as extensions. Under the supervision of an expert eyelash artist, the procedure normally takes roughly 60 minutes, while junior lash artists usually require 90 – 120 minutes.

Though most first-timers are hesitant, our experts stress that lash extensions are nothing to be concerned about.

After having it done once, most individuals fall asleep. It’s mesmerizing, like having your hair combed really gently.

The procedure itself takes around two hours and should include a consultation, thorough lash, facial line cleansing, and a quick eye screening to confirm the customer is a suitable candidate. The technician will next glue each extension to your natural lashes in a painless and soothing process.

Locate a Reliable Technician

There are many excellent technicians out there. When lashes are placed correctly, you should not even notice them.

If you experience discomfort during or after the application procedure, you are not dealing with an experienced technician. If the procedure causes you pain or discomfort, you should leave as soon as possible. People seeking a qualified technician will browse via their social media channels to ensure that the technician’s work is solid and their models do not have red eyes. This is an indication that the technician used low-quality glue. Before beginning treatment, all qualified technicians should provide a ten-minute consultation and discuss the correct upkeep for your lashes. Each state has its own set of rules for eyelash extension professionals.


It all depends on your level of sensitivity. Some individuals are allergic to eye masks, while others are allergic to tapes, and yet others are allergic to lash glue. If you have sensitive skin, contact your lash artist so she can be extra cautious throughout the procedure and maybe assist you in identifying the items that may cause discomfort.

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