What should I study for professional courses following my 12th-grade diploma to land a well-paying job?


You are unlikely to find a high-paying job if you just graduated from high school. If a company will hire you, you will have to start at the bottom of the ladder as a salesperson or an intern and work your way up.

  • Digital Marketing, first

Even if it isn’t precisely a humanitarian subject, taking a study in digital marketing would be wonderful since, with your understanding of economics and your command of spin, you could become a fantastic marketer very quickly. Due to the rise in internet-based transactions over the previous year, the digital sector will likewise have the fastest growth rate in 2022.

two years of postgraduate study from

The 6-month condensed course would provide you with plenty of opportunities to intern and gain knowledge through hands-on experience, but we would still advise you to combine it with your undergraduate degree. With this choice, you can start working as soon as you graduate from college.

  • Second, digital design

After completing your 12th-grade arts coursework, you can pursue professional courses in digital design, also known as graphic design, which combines your creative talents with your business knowledge to produce outstanding corporate designs that simultaneously help brands stand out and convey everything they stand for.

After completing your 12th year of arts, choose a professorial or teaching profession. Unfortunately, none of the courses offered following 12th-grade arts specifically address this.4. Textual Works

You might have always been a voracious reader. Perhaps you simply enjoy analysing texts a lot. In any case, one of the sought-after employment possibilities following the 12th arts is a doctorate in literature. No dedicated undergraduate courses are focusing entirely on this stream, similar to other humanities specialisations.

  • Counsellor/Therapist

While you must have an MBBS to work in psychiatry, there are several possibilities for humanities students who want to become therapists or counselors.

While psychology was a subject you studied in high school, becoming a recognized practitioner in this field requires considerably more in-depth study.

  • Economist

Many people are interested in economics courses once they complete their 12th-grade arts. Unfortunately, there are no clear options for you to take in this situation. However, after earning an undergraduate degree like a BA, you can pursue a Master’s in Economics. You can use this to create a solid foundation for your master’s degree.

Professional Programs Following a Commerce 12

Professional courses following the 12th grade in commerce are those that enable you to find employment right away.

  • Digital Marketing, first

The demand for this occupation is now high. As a result, it is among the greatest professional courses after 12th-grade commerce that you might consider taking.

However, the internet is what is getting to the customers.

  • Design for the Web

After completing your 12th year of commerce, you can enroll in professional digital design courses.

What does this mean? 

Advertising, however, is only one kind of communication that a brand uses to spread its message during the length of its existence. It also needs to communicate through creatives, and even things like logo placement and design are ways for brands to subtly communicate messages to their audience.You learn all of this in digital design professional courses after completing your 12th commerce course.

  • Coding

Similar to what was mentioned above, taking a digital professional course like coding after your 12th grade in business can help you develop one of the most reliable careers in the market today.

Describe coding.

Have you ever visited a website that you liked? perhaps an app? Ever ponder the source of these websites or applications?

The developer whose work managed to reach you in such a personal way was probably located continents distant from you.

It’s likely that the developer whose work managed to get to you in such a personal way is located on another continent.

  • BBA

A bachelor’s degree in business administration is denoted by this. This is one of the greatest professional courses to take after high school if you want to run your own business. It will teach you all you need to know about running a business and assist you with gaining the leadership abilities you need to be in control.

Professional Programs After a Science Diploma

You already know that science is an extremely complex subject because you studied it in school.

  • Digital Marketing, first

Digital marketing is no longer the future; it is now more one of the top employment alternatives after completing high school than a course. The time has come.

The most personal way for a brand to connect with a customer is right into their devices, which they’re glued to all day. Your analytical skills will be sharpened by taking digital marketing courses after 12th science.

  • BMS

A bachelor’s degree in managerial studies is denoted by this. BMS and BBA are frequently mistaken for being the same thing. They are, nevertheless, distinct from one another. While BMS is available in many public (government university-affiliated universities), BBA is one of those professional courses after 12th grade that are only offered by private colleges. This implies that BMS is frequently a considerably more affordable course after 12th grade than BBA.

  • Technical

This is one of the post-12th-grade job options. Who, after all, hasn’t been subjected to an attempt at persuasion by a different relative on how engineering has “such a broad scope”?

Engineering does have a wide “scope” within its discipline.

  • Health

Not only is working in medicine a highly regarded career, but it is also incredibly lucrative. The frontline fighters in the fight against COVID-19 right now are our doctors and nurses, who are giving this nation some of the finest acts of service imaginable.


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