What exactly BALLB Program is?

The full version of B.A. LLB is a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Legislative Law. This     is a five-year professional integrated law programme for students interested in becoming an advocate, lawyer, or legal practitioner, or just working in the field of law or the court.

Because the majority of the curriculum includes practical training and theory lectures, the Bar Council of India, which governs law degrees in India, has designated this course as a full-time programme.

The BA LLB integrates legal studies and legislation with interdisciplinary research in Arts stream areas including sociology, history, and others. Only a handful of the BA LLB courses include civil law, labour law, corporate law, international law, patent law, and administrative law. In addition, because it is a unique multidisciplinary degree, it has been constructed to contain a balanced mix of classroom instruction, mock court exercises, case studies, research work, and law internships, among other things.

The BA LLB curriculum is a popular choice among law students in India and around the world. Constitutional Law, Business Law, Election Law, Code of Civil Procedure, Drafting & Pleading, Political Science, and Economics will all be covered in depth by BA LLB students.

For entering in a BA LLB programme, most colleges have identical requirements.

A graduate degree in any discipline from a recognised institution or college with a minimum grade point average of 50% or an equivalent CGPA score is required.

Students from the SC, ST, and PWD domains receive a 5% discount.Students in their final year of studies are also eligible to apply, though acceptance will be subject on their final grades.

There are numerous work options in the legal field. Advocates, lawyers, legal assistants, legal associates, and even judges are all options for legal professionals. Law degrees are highly regarded by the general public and government leaders.

Government lawyers, Notaries, Law Officers, Magistrates, Legal Experts, Advisors, Paralegals, Legal Associates, Junior Lawyers, Litigators, Legal Counsel, Corporate Lawyers, Private Practice, and Lecturers are all possibilities.

The average annual pay for a new BA LLB graduate ranges from INR 3 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs, depending on placement, internships, and the candidate’s performance.

Future Prospects:

As we talk about future propsects in https://www.imi.ac.in/  

An LLM (Master of Laws) is a postgraduate legal qualification. Various people pursue an LLM after completing an LLB in order to specialize in one of the many specialties available in LLM programmes, such as Corporate Law, Business Law, International Law, and Criminal Law.

PhD: A student who has finished an LLM from a recognised university with a grade of 55 percent or higher is qualified for a PhD programme.

MBA: A master’s degree in business administration is a two-year programme that trains students for a number of vocations.

A management programme such as a PGDM can be highly beneficial for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur or advance in their current work to a higher level of management. A study of management subjects provides knowledge of business foundations, assists in identifying market trends, provides practical knowledge through group discussions, internships, and projects, and provides practical knowledge through group discussions, internships, and projects. It aids in the advancement of one’s profession. Communication, leadership, and motivation are all elevated to the next level.

The Current BA-LLB Situation in India

In India, practising law is become one of the most popular and rewarding careers. The Bar Council of India oversees the whole legal education system in India. After completing this comprehensive course, you will be qualified to work as a lawyer. Legal specialists are sought for legal advice and action in the event of any irregularities or civil or corporate strife. They also assist you in winning the case.

Anyone with a law degree is allowed to practise as a legal practitioner because no specific skills or background is required. The only prerequisites are patience, wit, and keeping up with the newest judgements and legal developments in the sector. He’ll need to be an excellent communicator and speaker. Higher ethical and character requirements will also aid your advancement in this field. Legal practitioners with extensive experience charge a high fee and are in high demand. They are familiar with the complexities of a specific sort of case, which increases your chances of receiving compensation and justice.

When we talk about IMI Indore,

I applied to the institution because it is one of the most well-known in the city, and you can take an entrance exam followed by a brief interview. After passing both rounds, I was accepted into the BALLB programme. The BALLB programme was my choice. The college is well-known for the high quality of its education, which is one of the attracting factors for students. Visit College Website to make it more clear

I can say that the college has a decent record in terms of placement and internships. Every year, a large number of businesses come to our campus to recruit students. Students are responsible for finding their own internship options. However, the college’s placement cell assists students in obtaining outside employment and internships. Through my own efforts, I was able to secure an internship in a good company.

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