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To decorate every room, be it a living room, a bedroom or even a children’s room, just furniture is not enough, some accessories are also very important. Style complements and sometimes they are the elements that make up the style itself. One of those tools is wall tapestries.

The tapestry we offer serves as a decoration. Depending on the way we want to decorate the room, they can emphasize its character or can be made into a wall tapestry. In each case, the tapestry makes the room cozy. Especially when the decision is made to have cool colors and a limited number of decorations. Wall tapestries are an ideal choice for those who prefer original solutions and unconventional wall decorations.

The use of tapestry makes the house look very special. Among the motifs you can find many multicolored tapestries with flowers and plants. Also, the decor can be easily matched with the color of the room. Apart from flowers, we can also use landscape tapestries, art related tapestries and tapestries with black and white graphics to beautify the house.

Some of you are considering using tapestries because you’re afraid they won’t look good on your wall. You’re wondering about the color of the wall – should it be pure white or can it be colored to hang the tapestry? You are hesitant about the pattern of the tapestry. Will it look good when my wall is white or can I use it when my wall is: red, blue, green, yellow eg. To avoid all these things, flower patterns will make your day and also solve problems with matching.

Floral patterns are sleek, romantic and alluring and add to the beauty of a bedroom or living room at home. Watercolor flower patterned wall tapestries look amazing so can be considered as wall decorations.

Here are some floral patterned wall tapestry that you can use in your home decorating ideas :-


The B&W Floral Vintage Patterned Wall Tapestry is perfect for a white or black wall. It is dark so it can be used in bright interiors such as kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.


Blue floral patterned wall tapestry is often used in kitchens or bedrooms. This watercolor blue royal flower fits perfectly into the china pottery, so it looks really amazing on the kitchen wall.


Who doesn’t like them? Often preferred by everyone, this patterned floral wall tapestry looks great in a girl’s bedroom (especially a teen bedroom) or a nursery.


Spring Blooms Floral Art Wall Tapestry The art creates a wonderful abstract floral art tapestry that is perfect to enrich your home decor. Explore the beauty of this with what a Jacquard Woven Tapestry Wall Hanging can bring to a home. The deep dark blue, gold, and red in this tapestry all set for the beautiful sky-colored morning glory backdrop with geometric accents by Lee-Léger make it even more appealing. 

The texture in this tapestry wall hanging has a penchant for art. Inherent uniqueness is created, forcing the mind to question the image before the eyes. The combination of thread colors and weaving in this patterned floral wall tapestry creates a unique art experience.


Floral patterns are always universal – they themselves are colorful so they fit easily into any interior. At the same time delicate and elegant and look like a real watercolor painting, therefore floral patterned wall tapestry is considered a suitable tool for home decorating. Therefore, it can be said that a floral patterned wall tapestry is the perfect decor accent for any home. Gorgeous images of beautiful flowers and creatures are intricately woven on Jacquard looms in these tapestries, which change with each viewing angle, for astonishing quality and durability.

Along with color, these beautiful flower wall tapestry designs are always alive with style and texture. Whether you prefer a traditional nod to floral art, or want something with a contemporary flair, this collection will have your walls covered in floral wall tapestry. Heirloom quality tapestry wall hangings provide both a visual and an acoustic advantage and the floral imagery makes a warm and eye-catching decor accent that can be loved for many years to come. With nearly 300 designs, it’s quick and easy to bring a fabulous touch of spring and summer into your home that can be enjoyed year-round with these beautiful floral wall tapestries.

If you too are looking for a unique and great way to add some floral decorations to your home, then you will definitely love Floral Patterned Tapestry. Combining age-old weaving techniques with a fusion of classic and modern imagery, these floral tapestries are sure to delight.

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