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The Manual Trick to Convert Apple Mail to Outlook Mailbox

Description: In this article, we’ll go over how to convert Mbox to pst, or move the Apple mail to Outlook mailbox format with the least amount of work.

With This Manual Trick, You Can Convert Apple Mail to Outlook Mailbox for Free 

There are so many email apps now that it’s hard for people to figure out which one to use. Each email client says it has more features than the last one. Now, we have Spicebird, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora OperaMail, and many other mail apps. We also have many other mail apps like SeaMonkey, MozillaMail, and Netscape. Most of the time, these mail apps used different file formats. To use Apple Mail with Outlook, we need to change the MBOX file into a PST file. The MBOX to PST converter isn’t the only way to get Apple mail to Outlook mailbox. Here, we’ll talk about the manual way to get Apple mail into Outlook or convert MBOX to PST using a fantastic tool method.

There are Also other Reasons to Switch from Apple Mail to MS Outlook.

Feature to stop spam

Password safety.

An in-built calendar

Compatibility with different operating systems

Steps to Manually Change Apple Mail to Outlook Mailbox

Making a PST file from an MBOX file is a three-step process.

Keep MBOX files as EML files.

The EML files should be moved to Outlook so that they can be read by Outlook.

Export the EML file as a PST file.

Step 1: Change MBOX to EML format.

Take a look at the E-mail program that stores MBOX files, like Apple Mail.

Now, go to the folder where you want to save the files you want to keep.

Right-click on the folder and choose “New Folder” from the drop-down menu.

Give this folder a name and click on the “Create Folder” button in the next window to make a new one.

Select the messages you want to move from the folder you want to move them to, then right-click on the message and choose “move.”

Select Move to>>>Account name>>>Folder, then choose the new folder that you made in the last step.

Now, all of the MBOX mails will be in the new folder that you made.

Then, select all of the messages and right-click on the one that you want to delete.

Choose the Save As option. In the type field, choose EML.

The MBOX files will be changed to EML format. This is how it will work:

Step 2: Moving EML File to Outlook

Open the Outlook app on your computer.

Browse to the folder where EML files are kept and look for the one that says “EML.”

Now, you can drag and drop these EML file folders into any Outlook folder that you want to use.

Step 3: Export EML to PST

The third and last step is to convert EML files to PST files in Outlook.

Open the Outlook app. In the File menu, click on the Open & Export tab, and then click on the File button.

Import/Export is a link that you can click on to import and export files.

Select “Export to a file” from the drop-down menu and click “Next.”

Select “Outlook data file” as the type of file you want to save (.pst)

Make sure that ‘include subfolders’ is checked when you choose a folder where EML files are stored in the next window.

Choose where to save the new PST file.

Then, click the Finish button and you’re done.

The EML files will be turned into PST files and saved at the location you’ve chosen.

Check the new PST file by going to the place where PST files are kept.

Because of this, you can convert MBOX files to PST and move the data to Outlook in three simple steps by following these steps.

When you Want to Move Files from MBOX to PST with a Converter.

There is a lot of work involved in moving Apple mail to Outlook mailbox. You need to know a lot about Outlook. To avoid having to do all of these steps, you can use an MBOX to PST converter. There is a tool called MBOX to PST Conversion that works with most email clients. It lets you convert files without risk and without having to see them first. You can also preview the files before you convert them. When you use the MBOX to PST converter, you can save files in a new or old PST file. This is how:

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