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7 Friendly Tips to Stay Physically Fit While Traveling A Lot

Traveling is one of the most precious things to do in life! Many people dream of living their golden dream of traveling all over the world. Some want to tick off their travel bucket lists as early as they can and as young as they can, so they can experience awesome adventures and create memories they will look back to when they grow old. Others say that they want to spend the rest of their lives roaming around the globe after they retire, so they can enjoy something they did not have time to do when they were younger. Meanwhile, some people travel because of work, so they are somehow living the best of both worlds.

If you are among these people who would like to spend all or most of their time traveling, or who are actually traveling always due to their profession, pretty sure you are concerned with how these frequent traveling might affect your health and fitness. Whether you like it or not, your lifestyle will be affected, and the way you manage your physical body might also be. This is especially if you’re staying away from home or traveling overseas for a month or so. If you are trying to maintain your physical fitness and figure, yet you have to travel or are traveling often, you might find it hard to adjust your schedules and your body might also feel different. 

To help you in such a dilemma, check out these 7 friendly tips to stay physically fit while traveling a lot.  

1 – Keep track of your eating choices and habits.

eating choices

It’s so easy to forget about having balanced meals and healthy eating schedules when you are enjoying a trip filled with luscious fresh foods, delectable treats and unique dishes you have never tried before. Not to mention, drinks and beverages are also diverse and fantastic in many other countries. These tasty chows will satisfy your eyes, your taste buds and your tummy, and you might not be able to get enough of them! 

In the middle of all those drool-worthy cuisines and delish goodies, some found only abroad, one way to stay fit is to still keep track of your eating choices and habits. Although your ‘cheat day’ is almost non-existent during fun and food-filled trips because everyday becomes cheat day, do your best to maintain self-control in front of those feasts. 

Even when you are not at home, you can find healthy food options and retain your wholesome eating lifestyle. For sure, every country, its tourist destinations, restaurants and hotels have food options for health nuts and for people with other specific food needs.

Of course, you cannot forget about eating just enough and not too much. Do not go beyond your stomach’s capacity just because the food in front of you is appetizing. Always be mindful and responsible to know your own limits. 

2 – Hydrate yourself with H2O.

Hydrate yourself with H2O

Traveling is exhausting besides the fact that it is pleasurable! It’s something you want to do for a long time, but at some point, you really get tired while traveling a lot. Well, it does not change the fact that traveling is one of the best things ever, yet that’s why you should make sure that you hydrate yourself with water. 

Although drinking water is sold in tourist spots, hotels, malls, streets and many more, and there are drinking fountains somewhere too, it would be best to bring your own bottled water while traveling. This ensures you have water wherever you go and where water cannot be found, or that you at least have a bottle to refill with water whenever possible. Furthermore, a personal water bottle keeps you safe because you are sure that it’s clean and nobody else drinks from it. 

Water is always the most important drink needed on trips. You can find various types of beverages, flavored, colored and styled, but the most thirst-quenching and inevitable of all is water. This replenishes your body, replacing the sweat it releases. It makes you feel refreshed and ready for another itinerary! 

3 – Bring and drink your vitamins and health supplements.

vitamins and health supplements

If you have vitamins and other supplements that you cannot go a day without, ascertain that you bring them all for your trips! Drink them before going out, so that your body and mind will be ready for action. Do not forget to pack your health supplements you take for your workouts.

What’s more, the activities during your trip and the change of environment can affect your body in unexpected ways. You will also be exposed to different weather conditions, a new climate and new faces. Keep yourself fit and healthy by strengthening your immune system and supporting your body’s ability to fight sickness-causing travel elements. 

4 – Walk whenever possible.

Walk whenever possible

For countries with a good system of public transportation, tourists are enjoying the convenience, comfort and delight of moving from one place to another stress-free. Really, local travel experience abroad is also one for the books!

However, choose to just walk whenever possible. Say you are visiting a coffee shop nearby your lodging. Do not ride a cab. No need to book a motorcycle. Just keep your rented car parked. Walking is free, and it’s a great form of exercise. Though without exercise equipment, walking can make you sweat, move and stretch! On top of that, it’s one way to contribute to lessening the use of vehicles on the road. You get to spend less money and help Mother Earth too!

5 – Book a hotel accommodation offering workout facilities.

workout facilities

The hotel accommodation you are going to stay in will have an impact on how you remain fit during your trip. Book one that offers workout facilities or that actually has a gym as one of its main amenities for guests.

On the other hand, for average-sized lodgings that do not have a gym, you may choose a hotel room that’s big enough for you to work out and move around while staying in. It does not necessarily mean that you should have personal exercise equipment inside, but it must be amply wide for you to be able to work out completely with ease! 

6 – Book a lodging with a nearby park.

nearby park.

Another thing you can do with regards to your accommodation during your trip is booking a lodging situated near a public park. An open playground or a wide park is one of the best outdoor venues for exercising. 

You often see people jogging, doing jump ropes, stretching and running with pets in parks, right? That’s because the space is extensive and nature is surrounding the area. These make for a perfect and healthful outdoor exercise.

Maintaining fitness while traveling can be another sort of activity while roaming around your destinations as well. You get to stroll and wander as you exercise. At the same time, you are able to enjoy sightseeing.

7 – Carry lightweight fitness equipment or gadgets. 

fitness equipment or gadgets.

If it is possible and convenient for you, carry lightweight exercise equipment or fitness gadgets during your trip. This is much more preferable for people who will be staying away from home for more than a month or months. There are portable fitness equipment you can place in your luggage without hassle because their size is totally travel-friendly. 



If you are a frequent traveler who wants to keep your physical exercises while traveling, worry not because that’s actually possible! With the tips listed above, you can still work out away from home. Even when you are enjoying your leisure trip or are traveling for business, there’s a way to stay fit and healthy! Hit two birds with one stone, and you’ll love your travel journey and fitness journey all the more! 



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She also writes for Fitbiz Exercise Equipment, an excellent source of the ultimate fitness equipment collections in Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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