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5. TikTok Advantages and Power Features for Digital Marketers

Why should you put funds and resources into the TikTok strategy? Here are eight compelling arguments that could convince you. It’s been slightly over one year since the ad organization platform died live. If there were doubters regarding the potential of TikTok as a digital advertising tool, this year’s growth has cleared any doubts.

You’re now convinced that TikTok should be a part of your marketing. Why should you put resources and funds into the TikTok strategy if not because everybody else is already doing it? Check out the following eight compelling arguments and advertising features that will give you the confidence to go after TikTok or even increase your efforts even if you are already on TikTok.

1.TikTok’s superior user engagement.

While many boasts about TikTok’s growing user base. It’s the user’s engagement that is the most notable. According to TikTok, its average TikTok user is spending around 87 minutes per day (of April 2021) using the platform. This is an enormous amount of time for brands to draw from. Additionally, the content on TikTok is highly interactive.

It is not just that brands gain an engaged audience. However, they also engage with the content they view instead of passively viewing it. Contrary to YouTube, Facebook, or Pinterest, which are primarily used to watch videos, TikTok’s ever-growing number of features allow users to put their unique contribution to the content they consume.

Snapchat isn’t quite as great as TikTok in its interactivity with its lens feature. However, 52 percent of TikTok users don’t make use of Snapchat. This is a massive group of people who could not be reachable otherwise if not promoted through TikTok.

2. Capabilities in Ecommerce.

Although it is most well-known for its engagement and awareness products, TikTok is determined to give marketers a variety of full-funnel services. TikTok began a relationship with Shopify in this calendar year, which has augmented into 15 different countries. This new nose licenses Shopify merchants to use their TikTok for Business Ads Manager without having to leave Shopify’s dashboard. Shopify dashboard.

Strategically this can be a huge advantage for e-commerce companies. This allows them to connect with potential customers earlier in deciding while they’re researching TikTok and getting them to a sales point through Shopify.

Also, you can market your products on TikTok to get more review and to increase your costumer volume. But sometime you can face issue of less followers on TikTok due to which going live on TikTok for product marketing is a hurdle. But you can search on Google for how to go live on TikTok without 1000 followers and can get its solutions easily. It will boost your pocket weight in a good way.

Thanks to these four functions, this capability is appealing from an execution perspective. Unified Campaign Planning Shopify merchants can plan TikTok campaigns and focus on TikTok viewers, and track the results in one location. The powerful TikTok tools for creativity can be integrated into the capabilities providing merchants with a way to develop engaging ads without investing in extra developing capital. ” Turn-Key Pixel Tracking” Shopify now let’s its wholesalers connect the TikTok Pixel with a single step to shorten tracking conversions.

Retargeting with Hashed Customer Data. Shopify merchants now can target audiences with retargeting and, more precisely, monitor TikTok advertising conversions through the use of customers’ data while protecting the privacy of users thanks to the data that is being cleansed.

3. Brand Effects.

Set your ads distinct by adding Brand Effects. Similar to the lenses available on Snapchat, this can be an AR feature that overlays videos. But it’s specifically designed to highlight specific brand aspects. The most user-friendly applications are designed for CPG retail, CPG, and entertainment; however, this feature can be easily applied to other areas, such as automotive or travel.

Inspiring users to express themselves and self-expression is the tool to ensure an incredibly high amount of engagement and brand recognition and the possibility of sharing your content.

4. Catalog Ads.

The catalog ads on TikTok, show the various types of products you sell in your advertisements. If you’re not a retailer with many product variants or SKUs, this is an excellent format to think about, even if you only have a handful of items.

There are four advantages to the following: Creating customized videos for each one of your products. Utilizing automated rules to tailor the details of your product. Ability to store essential details on products within The Ads Manager on TikTok. Making particular sets of each item.

5. Spark Ads.

Hurled earlier this summer, Stimulus Ads is one of the modern ad arrangements on TikTok. In contrast to other formats that require advertisers to make the video themselves, the Spark Ads format does not use organic content on social networks. Spark Ads permit brands to promote organic content.

Instead of developing new content or research to the extent that it can be widespread, brands can promote content already in existence and has shown its worth through its growth. Although this method does not focus on audiences throughout their search, it is ideal for middle or upper-funnel viewers, and it’s still an effective tool in the marketing toolbox. Spark Ads make interaction among the paid and organic social channels like Pikdo Instagram, Facebook and others. Also, it provides a rapid-to-market benefit because it does not require creating customized content, which often causes expensive delays.

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