Ramanagara is the perfect adventure for your next weekend

A bit of an introduction

In Ramanagara situated at the heart of valleys and hills the cool breeze blows through and the campsite offers an opportunity to remain unwavering. The lush green hills are a feast towards the eye, providing breathtaking views. Enjoy this thrilling adventure of backpacking Ramanagara adventures and take the time to appreciate the stunning landscapes of Ramanagara. The camp site is located in the middle of lush green hills which provide the most stunning views of the countryside. Get away for a relaxing getaway and have fun doing things like exploring the area.

How do I get there?

It’s about 60 kilometers from Bangalore, Hindustan Airport (BLR). It is accessible via car or taxi. When you make a booking that is successful the exact location of the campsite is communicated.

What is one to find out?

You can reach the camp via the ease of all transport options because the camp is 60 kilometers from Bangalore, Hindustan Airport (BLR). You can camp on a three-way basis, based on the availability. The camp will provide cozy and comfortable tents, with all the essential requirements. There are a range of games with sliding including team sports, and treasure hunts, which are ideal for family holidays and corporate retreats. Other games like Water Volleyball, Jumbo Cricket and also The theme in the Jungle includes Jumbo Volley, Human Football, Raft building as well as a pyramid-building. Kayaking, and canoeing, is a great activity by the lake. You can swim in the sparkling lakes or take a break from outdoor activities like archery and camp (under the conditions of). Enjoy this camping experience by eating dishes from the menu which will satisfy your culinary appetite at breakfast and dinner! To ensure the best possible comfort you’ll be provided with a secure parking space on the campsite. There is absolutely no chance of any disturbance on the camping site under the supervision of security guards.

The entire schedule

Day 1

Campsite Bonfire as well as other Activities

The check-in time is 12 hours. Also lunch at the campsite is feasible.

It’s time to enjoy fun activities on the lake beginning at 02:02 p.m. such as going for a dip or coracle, and then it will rain with music.

Drink a high-tea around 5:00 pm and have snacks.

Meet at around 7:15 p.m. in front of a fireplace and listen to some good music.

Night retirement and dinner will begin at around 8:30 pm.

Day 2

Camping Check out

Start your journey at 06:00 . Take advantage of the challenging route around the spot.

Breakfast starts around 8:30. prepare yourself for more recall, outside games for teams, outdoor team sports and other games that are fun until 12:00 noon.

Check-out time from the campsite is at around 12:20 pm, and the event will end at that point.

The highlights here

Enjoy the delicious taste of food, based on your package you select, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Enjoy the camp site with its lush green hills and the enchanting lake that surrounds the camping trek to Ramanagara caves, as well as stunning nature trails.

The perfect sky to gaze at the stars

Exciting activities like Mud volleyball, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing and so on.

Things you must have on hand

Caps and caps 

Mosquito repellants

A backpack with 50 or 60 milliliters

Flasks filled with water

Other points to keep in mind

After drinking guests aren’t allowed to participate in any clothing and lake-related activities. If there is any damage to the camp’s assets or objects of the camp, guests are assessed. If you lose your personal belongings or objects, we aren’t in any way responsible. Any disturbance, fight or invading the privacy of other guests on Our premises is prohibited. Drinking alcohol outside of the campsite or near the lake during your stay at our campsite is strictly prohibited. 

Adventure is dangerous. Before undertaking any adventure, we strongly advise you to get life and medical insurance. The state-government guidelines must be followed. To preserve social distance. Recommend frequent hand washing and use of masks. When making a reservation and also upon arrival, ID proofs are required for every guest. An address proof that is valid is not considered to be PAN cards. It is possible to book the child’s package for children between 5-10 years old. The package must be reserved by at least two persons. Certain activities aren’t currently operating due to the rules of COVID.

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