The Best Proposal Spots in Australia

Are there ways too many options available for you? Is that making your mind go a million miles a minute trying to figure out where you want to have the proposal of your dreams? If you are living in Australia, you could be having these issues as the nation is covered in think lush greenery, iconic sandy beaches and even dry outback western settings. The best way to go about this is to focus on the preferences between you and your beloved-to-be. Just to give you a bit of extra help, here are some of the best proposal spots in Australia:

Heart Reef

This is located in Queensland, with its beautiful sandy beaches and vibrant aquamarine waters, the Heart Reef of the Great Barrier Reef is a striking area for a romantic and unique proposal. The views are beyond human comprehension, it will surely feel as if the engagement is a result of divine intervention. There are flights that take you to this area and the whole process of the proposal can be arranged!

Melbourne Star

If you want to take your partner’s breath away then this is the place to pop the question. The giant observation wheel is truly an art piece with panoramic views that are spectacular enough for an engagement.

A single rotation takes around half an hour, which gives you sufficient time to confess the depth of your love and the longing of your soul. Ensure you choose from some of the best engagement rings Australia has to offer. After your profession of love, grab out the ring and let the rest be destiny.

Barossa Valley

If the idea of waiting till later in the night turns you off, then broad daylight it is. And the sunlight is almost always out in South Australia’s Barossa Valley. You can book a one-of-a-kind romantic hot air balloon flight and drift over the stunning views of the vineyards in the countryside. It is intimate, and peaceful and is sure to remain embedded into your memories for a lifetime.

Cradle Mountain

Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain will give you the adrenaline rush you crave for this proposal. You can make a choice between the Overland Track, Dove Lake or Lake St Clair, which have stunning sceneries and are nature’s most authentic beauties. If she’s into a winter engagement, head on over in July or September for a snowy white proposal.

Mitchell Falls

There is truly nothing quite like the serenity of a waterfall. Mitchell falls is found in Western Australia and is known for being a play-ground for majestic proposals. If both of you are active, this is the perfect proposal plan for you.

The waters cascade down and the environment around you just screams romance naturally. You get to have a private moment with your future wife before you get down on that knee. You could propose whilst hiking on the Mitchel Plateau or going for a swim in the Mertens Creek. Just imagine it, the view, the water, nature’s aromas, could a proposal get any more perfect?

Choose a place well and wisely, it will be a proposal to remember for the ages!

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