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The Best Finishes for Wood-Based Products

Wood-based products are products manufactured from the wood of trees. This particular industry has boomed in the recent past and as a result, it is almost to find a home without at least a single wood-based product. These products are categorized into two groups solid-wood products and pulp and paper products. Solid-wood products include mainly plywood and lumber.

While pulp and paper, products come in three major processes Kraft, sulphate and mechanical pulping. As we all know maintenanceplays an important role in protecting and keeping the wood products for a longer time period. Despite it being buildings or furniture, we should maintain them in a proper manner. So, now we will look into the best finishes for wood-based products.


Oil is one of the most popular finishes in the wood industry because it depicts the character and the true nature of the wood in a great manner. And the most significant thing over there is that it does that without even a slight change in wood’s texture or colour.

Being made of natural products they are very well known for the easiness to apply and maintain. It does a great job hydrating and waterproofing the wood. The most common oils which are used frequently are Tung oils and Linseed.


Varnish is a very common word heard in this particular industry. It is used for a wide range of wood finishes from years back to now. These varnishes create a transparent layer when applied to the surface which will cover the holes in the wood.

By this, the natural colours of the wood get highlighted. There are many types of wood varnishthat are known for their resistance to moisture and water. And there are varnishes that protect outdoor wood products from UV rays as well. Most importantly varnishes could be used in frames, structures and internal parts as well.


This type of wood finish works a little different to the other types. They leave the holes of the wood open giving it enough space for the absorption of air. It also provides a greater natural look compared to the other finishes. Impregnates are mostly used for wood products that may interact with water because it is a huge water resistance level. And most importantly it is easy to apply and maintain as well.


Waxes mostly come to the market in solid, liquid or paste forms. It is a quite famous wood finishing type because of the fact that it is derived from vegetable, mineral and animal sources. The most common types of waxes are carnauba and bees. The most important thing about waxes is that it remains on the wood after applying them.

prevents the process of oxidation. If this is used alone, it has very little effect on the wood because it provides minimal protection. Waxes could be used in the parts of the wood product where other finishes like oils are already applied.

So, this process provides the surface with a good shine and a new look. This makes it unique. But, one thing to be concerned about when using waxes is that they should be used in the areas of the wood product which are not exposed to the weather.

It is very important good knowledge of each of the wood finishes and their uses of it before selecting them. Because for each type of wood product, different types of finish could suit the best.

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