Separators, Heater – Treaters, And Pressure In Oil And Gas Production

Godrej is an Indian multinational conglomerate and enjoys the patronage of 1.1 billion consumers globally. So, to provide good products, it always needs to use quality material and be updated from the outside world to know the dynamics. Moreover, the design of separators, heater treaters, and how much pressure from oil and natural gas will be the factors to be kept in mind while creating a product.

What are separators?

Separators separate gaseous and liquid streams under pressure. They can be placed onshore or offshore. To meet process demands, they’re generally designed in phases. First-stage separators are used for preliminary phase separation, whereas second and third-stage separators handle each phase further (gas, oil, and water).

There are various forms of separators, such as:

A. Hp/Lp separators: They separate oil, water, and gas until they reach the stock tank.

Hp/ Lp separators efficiently design and fabricate a wide range of high pressure separators with high thick process equipment for developing critical plant applications.

B. Hot/cold hp separators: To make this equipment 120mm wide strip is used. These are manufactured in industries ranging from steel like carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, etc.

The capacity of a heavy rolling machine is 285mm thick plates.

Usage/supplied: Cold High-Pressure separators are supplied to Kuwait for a Clean Fuel Project.

C. Production separators: The effective separation of oil, gas, and water is achieved using production separators in crude oil treatment and production.

D. Sand separators: A sand separator is a piece of equipment used to remove sand or other impurities from the water before further processing.

E . Inlet separator: These can be manufactured using equipment in wide-ranging metallurgies from Carbon Steel, solid Stainless Steel, and SS and Inconel 625 and Inconel 825 clad construction or with weld overlay.

F. Moisture separator reheater: Moisture Separator Reheater is fitted between the high-pressure and low-pressure steam turbines to remove steam-condensed water to increase the thermal efficiency of the low-pressure turbine and decrease steam loop pipe erosion/corrosion.Application: Godrej offers a Moisture separator reheater on a built-to-print design.

What are heater treaters and pressure in oil and gas production?

Heater Treaters speed up crude oil/water separation by adding heat to emulsions.

Heater treaters are majorly of four types:

A. Boiler feedwater heater:

For manufacturing a wide range of equipment for various process plant applications, Godrej has its sea-going jetty in Mumbai and Dahej facility, which helps transport such Over Dimensional Consignments (ODCs). 

B. HP feedwater heater

Air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE), often called Fin Fan heat exchangers, are utilized in industrial applications with no stable water source. Godrej possesses the know-how to design & manufacture ACHEs.

C. LP feedwater heater

 For long and reliable service closed cooling water heat exchanger should be preferred.

Impressive record: spanning 90+ years, 41 countries, and more than 12,000 installations. It is available in all sizes and high-pressure applications.

D. Moisture separator Reheater

They are installed between the high-pressure and the low-pressure steam turbines to remove water condensed from the steam 

  •  to maximize the thermal efficiency of the low-pressure turbine and
  •  minimize erosion/corrosion of steam loop piping. 

Godrej: It offers a Moisture separator reheater on a built-to-print design.

Heat exchangers

They are widely used these days to transmit heat between fluids. Shell and tube heat exchanger is the most popular type. It consists of a shell with a bundle of tubes inside it. Shell and tube heat exchanger is inexpensive and has a high heat transfer rate.


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