Select the Best Paper Material For Custom Soap Boxes 

The material or paper used to prepare Custom soap boxes is like the first brick in a building. Therefore, it is essential to plan the material of your packaging wisely. Hundreds of options are available in the market, but you have to pick the right one.

Here, this article has discussed the top three options for packaging material. Most soap brands use these material boxes. Each of them is unique with its qualities and characteristics. You can choose the best material depending on the type of soaps your brand produces.

What is the Difference Between Cardboard and Kraft Paper?

Both paper materials are the same thing in terms of functions and usage. Both papers are used for various kinds of packaging boxes. However, we can find a minute difference in both kinds of paper in terms of strength. Kraft papers are more sturdy as compared to cardboard. This is why kraft papers are helpful for packaging products of higher weight. Contrary to that, cardboard papers are useful for medium to low-weight products like electronics, medicines, cosmetics, toys, etc.

Yet, both types of paper are used to make custom soap boxes. It depends on product owners’ choice to order the kind of boxes they want to pack their products in them. According to a survey, cardboard usage is so extensive that more than 80% of the products are packed in boxes made of cardboard.

  • Kraft

Most people think that all kinds of boxes are cardboard. However, many companies are using kraft boxes because of their sturdiness. Furthermore, kraft can be used to pack all kinds of products, from fragile to bulky ones. Avast Firewall Won’t Turn on Windows 10? Here’s How to Fix It

Its strength is dual or triple papers glued with each other to manufacture a kraft. These papers are inside liner, outside liner, and fluting, essential elements to prepare a kraft sheet. The second beauty of kraft is that you can easily create the level of strength you need simply by increasing or decreasing the papers.

Many soap brands prefer kraft-made luxury soap packaging boxes. You can ask the packaging companies to prepare soap boxes wholesale according to your requirements.

  • Cardboard

This paper material is more used as compared to kraft paper. As said before, more than eighty percent of product boxes are made of cardboard. It was difficult to manufacture cardboard boxes in the past days because it had been a complex job. However, preparing cardboard boxes with the idea of a flute is no longer difficult. The flute is like a reprocessed thick sheet that you can use to prepare as many boxes as you need.

Today, many soap brands use cardboard-made custom soap boxes for their soaps. Cardboard papers are flexible, economical, biodegradable, and light-weighted. 

Plastic Packaging of Soap

Plastic is also an option for soap packaging for many companies. However, we will not recommend you to try this material. Plastic is not biodegradable and not an environmentally friendly material. Therefore, it can also destroy the quality of your soap and the overall image of your soap brand. As compared to plastic, kraft and cardboard-made soap boxes wholesale are cheaper and easily accessible. So, there remains no reason to not avoid plastic packaging. 

Soap stiffener:

It is a special poly-coated paper that you can use in bath soap packaging. It maintains the freshness and fragrance of the soap. Remember that it plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of your soaps. Soap sniffers are part of all kinds of soap boxes wholesale regardless of the material.

What Would You Choose as the Ultimate Material for Your Soap Boxes?

The choice of custom printed soap boxes depends on the type of your soap products. As mentioned before, the types of paper used to prepare soap boxes wholesale are unique according to their advantages. If kraft is more sturdy, then cardboard is flexible and economical. Therefore, it does not only depend on which kind of material you order; however, the design of the Custom Luxury Soap Boxes also plays an important role for soap brands. Thus, custom printed soap boxes allow you to order the boxes according to your soap’s weight, structure, and shape.


Cardboard is widely used for the packaging of various kinds of products. You can use cardboard or kraft for making custom soap boxes.  However, kraft is preferable for soaps because of its various characteristics. Avoid using plastic packaging because it may spoil the quality of your soaps. Yet, a soap sniffer is essential to secure the quality of soaps. 


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