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Night light for children: how to choose and advice

Every parent knows that, sooner or later, there comes a time when the little ones have to fall asleep alone in their bedroom. But how to solve the classic fear of the dark? With a star projector night light , you can help them rest well, without the need for your constant presence in the room. Not all lamps are the same, however: discover the different types, the advice for choosing and also the advantages or disadvantages. Sweet dreams await them!

Star projector night light: yes or no?

In the nurseries and bedrooms of older children, night lights for children are often a permanent presence. However, not all pediatricians and doctors agree on the need to provide a little lighting at night. We have gathered some useful information: before deciding, read the pros and cons.


  • Children love night lights because it helps them overcome their fear of the dark and learn to sleep alone, without the need for parents in the bedroom.
  • In addition to having a calming effect, a small light source allows you to perceive the contours of the furniture and prevent falls, especially if your child wakes up in the middle of the night.
  • Some models of lamps offer sound effects and project shapes on the walls to transform the bedroom into a magical place.
  • A gentle glow in the room is also perfect for nursing mothers.


  • Sleep is regulated by the melatonin hormone, which is produced in the absence of light. For this reason, many experts recommend letting your baby sleep completely in the dark. Equally harmful would be the lights of cell phones, tablets and televisions.
  • According to studies, fear of the dark arises around two years of age, so a light may be completely unnecessary before this age.
  • If not chosen correctly, the night lamp risks negatively affecting home energy consumption.

Types of star projector night light

Unlike a few years ago, when the models available were few and very similar to each other, today there are countless versions of night lights for children. How do you choose the right one? It all depends on your personal needs, but we definitely recommend that you make sure it is CE compliant , unbreakable (yes to Plexiglas and methacrylate) and non- toxic . For the rest, let yourself be inspired by our guide to the main features on the market.

Fixed wall model

There are different types of wall lights with adjustable intensity and twilight function that can turn into perfect night lights for children. A model of this type will delicately illuminate the bedroom of the little ones and can also be used to help the child find the glass of water placed on the bedside table.

Model with socket

Equally popular is the night light model that simply plugs into the socket and can be placed wherever you like. It can be small and discreet, or similar to a real lamp. We advise you to opt for low intensity lights (maximum 7 watts) and LEDs, which guarantee significant energy savings (up to 80%).

Portable model

Proposed in original or more traditional forms, these night lights run on batteries and can therefore be carried around to help children easily find their parents’ bedroom or bathroom. We recommend using lithium batteries, which last longer.

LED strips

Original alternative to classic lamps and fairy lights, LED strips are fun and add a contemporary touch to the bedroom. In addition, they create a super suggestive atmosphere!

Multifunction models

In addition to these versions listed above, you can opt for lamps equipped with remote control and with different functions, such as that of music box and projector. In some you can even change color : in this regard, blue and green lights are normally thought to be soothing, but according to some studies it is better to prefer red and amber lights, which do not interfere too much with the production of melatonin.

How to choose the ideal star projector night light

It is not that simple to find the best night light for children. From cloud-shaped lights to lamps that project a starry sky on the ceiling, everything is now possible.

If you don’t know what to buy, don’t panic: here are five tips to follow to avoid making a mistake!

  • In general, make sure the brightness is not too intense to prevent it from preventing the little ones from sleeping.
  • It may seem superfluous, but the night light must also integrate into the bedroom decor . If there is a particular theme, such as the jungle, opt for an original model in the shape of an animal.
  • As mentioned earlier, the baby night light is not necessary, but parents often need it. Create a relaxation area with an armchair , a coffee table and a nice dimmable lamp.
  • For children under two, the lamp must be easy to turn on , preferably with a simple touch.
  • Over the age of two, the little ones begin to develop imagination and creativity. It is precisely at this moment that the first fears arise: to help them sleep, a good idea could be the purchase of a children’s night light with a timer (to prevent it from staying on all night) and a star projector. or other forms to stimulate the imagination. Sleeping will be even more beautiful!

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