New mAadhaar app: A mobile identity while using multiple services

Aadhaar card holders have excellent news. The mAadhaar mobile app recently received an update from the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).Dashboard Services and My Aadhaar are the two main components that have been launched for this. You will receive a single window for all Aadhaar online services and a personalised area to preserve your Aadhaar profile and manage it using the app on these new sections. It’s crucial to be aware that if you have an older version of the app loaded on your smartphone, it won’t immediately be updated. Users are advised to download the most recent version of the mobile application and delete the older version of mAadhaar, which has been in use up till now, according to Aadhaar’s official twitter account.

Both Android and Apple mobile devices can use the new mAadhaar app.

It is available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Only mobile numbers that have been registered with UIDAI are able to download this app. 

The mAadhaar smartphone app was introduced by UIDAI in July 2017. Registered users of the mAadhaar app may carry demographic data such as name, date of birth, gender, and address, as well as a photograph that is associated with their Aadhaar number. These particulars are helpful for proving your identification when using government services, for bank verification needs, or even as an identity when riding trains, etc. You do not need to carry a physical Aadhaar card because the Aadhaar details are available in the UIDAI official app.  : Mold InspectionMold Removal & Mold Remediation New York, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island & Manhattan NYC Mold Specialist, NYC Mold Removal, Mold Inspection Queens, Mold Inspection New York, Mold Inspection Brooklyn, NYC Mold Inspection, Mold Remediation NYC, Mold Remediation Brooklyn, Mold Testing New York, Mold Removal

mAadhaar app’s new features

Aadhaar cards and other important papers can be stored in the cloud via the government-run digital storage service DigiLocker, which is recognised as a legitimate form of identification in airports and railroads.

However, the mAadhaar has additional special features that make it a better application to install and utilise.

You can order a reprint of your physical Aadhaar card and obtain a soft copy of it using the new mAadhaar mobile application.

In the event of an error or if you move, you can also ask for any updates to your address.

Using the Aadhaar number, you can even lock or unlock biometrics and lock your authentication. 

Additionally, the software offers the ability to create a time-based one-time password (TOTP) that is only good for 30 seconds.

When technical difficulties prevent the one-time password (OTP) from being transmitted to the registered mobile number, this feature comes in handy.

Users have the ability to create a QR code on this app using their Aadhaar details and share it with the relevant organisation for verification in order to prevent any data leaks. 

The mAadhaar app allows you to add a maximum of three profiles to a single mobile device.

It is feasible in a family with elderly members and young children for these three profiles to share the same mobile number that is included in their Aadhaar database.

The auto-fill option is used to validate the OTP during the installation of this software on the mobile device.

As a result, you cannot add any family member’s Aadhaar profiles to the database if they are enrolled with different cellphone numbers. 


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