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Medical Colleges in UK for Study MBBS In 2022


We are at a time when the world has suffered from the worst health problem and the need for doctors is more than ever. Many countries experienced a shortage of good doctors who could handle the problems people had. This is why study MBBS in UK for Indian students is a dream, so let’s check some best medical colleges in UK for study MBBS.

UK To Pursue Your MBBS Degree

Here, we are not only talking about problems related to COVID but about all problems in general. The solution to this problem is simple: we need more doctors who have studied in good medical schools. Here in this article, we will talk about going to UK to pursue your MBBS degree. Most people know that the UK is a well-developed country, where you can watch a lot of good stuff, but have you ever thought of going there for study MBBS in UK?

Yes, there are great medical universities in UK and you will know everything today. For all students who have big dreams, who want to help people when they need it, the UK is a country where they can get the right advice. Although most people find it difficult to gain admission into medical schools in the UK, this is not the case for Indian students.

Or for that matter, any student who studies well. Students graduating from one of the top universities in the UK have a wide range of work opportunities around the world. The program followed, the facilities they get are excellent. There are many reasons why you should study in the UK and secure your future. The degree you get from the medical universities here is recognized by the World Councils Directory and NMC.

Top Medical Colleges for Study MBBS in UK

University of Oxford 

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 2      
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 2

University of Cambridge       

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 3      
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 3

University College London    

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 8      
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 9

Imperial College London        

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 10    
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 12

The University of Edinburgh              

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 19    
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 22

King’s College London             

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 20    
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 20

University of Bristol  

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 25    
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 87

The University of Manchester            

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 34    
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 35

Queen Mary University of London   

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 51-00             
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 51-100

Newcastle University               

  • QS Rankings 2022 – 51-100           
  • THE Rankings 2021 – 51-100


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