Lift Kit 101: A Quick Guide

You’ve probably heard folks talking about lift kits if you’ve been around people who are crazy about trucks or SUVs. You might be wondering what this is, how they function, and what these do (why would anyone want one?). If that’s the case, you’re in luck, because this is exactly what we’ll be discussing today.

For example, lift kits are available for pickups, SUVs, and sometimes even cars — but the first 2 are the most frequent. I’ll explain what a raise kit is, the two varieties that are most commonly used, how they function, and why someone would want one in the following sections. I’ll also go through the benefits and drawbacks of lift kits.

What are Lift Kits?

Lift kits, to put it more simply, are custom equipment and parts that are used to raise a car further off the ground. These are not made or installed by a car manufacturer, but rather by companies who specialize in aftermarket parts for a variety of vehicles.

However, there are specific lift kits like the ford ranger lift kit. People have regularly rigged their DIY lift kits in the past, with varied levels of effectiveness and security. The majority of kits now days are created by reputable manufacturers who adapt the size and shape to fit certain cars, hence boosting stability and safety.

What are the 2 types of raise kits most commonly used?

The most popular lift kits are body raise kits and suspension lift kits.Each of these works in a unique way and produces a wide range of results.Anyone considering putting a lift kit in their truck, SUV, or automobile should carefully consider both choices as well as the ultimate results they want.

You should also check your state or local legislation to see if there are any restrictions on particular types of modifications or height restrictions on the how high they may boost your truck in your region.

Body Lift Kits

Body kits are among the most frequent and straightforward forms of lift kits. To comprehend how this works, you must first comprehend how cars are planned and built. The majority of automobiles today are built with a “body atop frame” design. This indicates that the vehicle’s base is a metallic frame, upon which truck, SUV, or car’s bodywork is then put and affixed.

A person who uses a body lift kit manually takes the vehicle’s body from of the chassis and inserts the kit’s spacers or blocks between them. The framework is then permanently attached with longer bolts, as well as the body is essentially propped up away from of the frame using the kit.

Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension raise kits, but at the other hand, raise the entire vehicle off the wheels and axle. These kits raise the body and frame of the car by physically increasing the height of the vehicle’s chassis through various means.

The specifics of how this is accomplished are determined by the general design of the vehicle’s suspensions and motor components. Suspension raise kits are often more intricate than body lift kits, resulting in higher costs and more difficult installation.

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