Does your call center practice the latest trends and adopt advanced technologies? What are the best practices to maximize the overall performance of a call center? How do call centers generate more revenue? Do you want to increase your call center agent’s productivity?

Call Center Industry directly relies on customer services excellence. The success and failure of any call center can be analyzed through its customer happiness scorecard. Resources efficiency, cost-controlling strategies, and CX are the major focus of the call center higher management. The service sector is very crucial as it demands instant support, services with efficiency and ease. The call and contact center industry works at the front line in a business environment. The corporate image of any enterprise solely depends upon its call center’s ability to respond to customers’ inquiries and customer services excellence.

The call centers that adopt the latest trends and technologies grow much faster. They have a better ability to respond to economical challenges, natural crises, or higher competition.

Here are the best call center trends in 2022 that ensure the success and high sales revenue.

  • Advanced Call Center Solutions-Latest Call Center Technologies
  • Setting and Planning Clear-Goals
  • Workforce Distribution
  • Performance Monitoring and Control
  • Training Programs
  • Customer Experience (CX) –Services Excellence
  • Redefined and Strict Data Safety Polices


Advancement in technology has contributed a lot in every business sector. The businesses without advanced technology practices have almost vanished. Similarly, the call and contact center industry is seeking new opportunities and dialer software solutions. The UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) has played a vital role in the call center industry. 

In this type (UCaaS) of unified communication platform all the tasks i.e. inbound/outbound calls, chat, email, video conferencing, IVR are controlled from a single dashboard. This adds much value to overall agents’ work efficiency and customer experience (CX). Autodialer, predictive dialer, IVR, robocalling, and cloud PBX are the latest trends in 2022 with an enhancement of AI.

Artificial Intelligence and Business Automation for a call center is a great way to reduce cost and overheads. This can directly boost customer engagement. Voice bots and Chatbots are the best AI communication modules during 2022. Now Voice Recognition Technologies are emerging with an advanced and intelligent algorithm. Like Cybells VI (Voice Intelligence) feature of Cybells Dialer Software is a great way to enhance productivity and customer experience excellence. 


Without clear goals, it is very hard and almost impossible for any business to grow. Planning and setting up clear goals are equally important for a call center industry. The practice to set up a goal and making it clear to the workforce is crucial. There can be sales goals, operational goals, cost-controlling goals, agents’ productivity enhancement goals, and CX excellence goals. The clarity in objectives is the key element to achieving the desired results. Modern and successful call centers implement the Clear-Goal strategies and strictly follow them. This practice leads a call center towards the highest growth.


The pandemic has changed the way of work and communication. The businesses operating in soiled locations faced many challenges like workforce shortage, operational issues, business continuity problems, etc. One of the major trends and technology for a successful call center is cloud-based unified communication software. The workforce distribution allows work from remote locations works from home or other offices.

This strategy and solution reduce overall operational costs and maintenance costs. A Call center that has implemented Virtual Call Center Solutions has achieved the highest growth during the pandemic. Cybells Virtual Call Center is cloud-based and offers a great solution and option for workforce distribution. 

With Cybells Virtual Call Center you can achieve flexibility, remote workforce, and work from home. There is a very low set-up fee and within minutes you can launch your virtual call center and start your customer services without any hassle and delay


Agents are the major key players in any call center. Better the performance of agents, better the growth of a call center.  Monitoring the call center agents’ performance metrics is one of the major elements. Agent’s performance directly impacts a call center’s services and customer experience.

AHT, Service Level, Agent‘s status, numbers of calls in queue, longest waiting time, inquiry handling, etc are the component of the agent performance metrics. Monitoring these elements and addressing the deficiencies can overcome many challenges. Call center operations look simple but the fact is reverse. It is a very stressful environment, handling thousands of calls and inquiries.

To maintain and meet services standards requires a lot of attention and advanced technological solutions. Call center managers and agents can have the below impact from performance metrics

  • Increase in Productivity
  • Overall call Center Efficiency
  • Enhanced Customer  Satisfaction
  • Growth in Customer Engagement
  • Enhanced CX (Customer Experience)

Cybells call center dialer software and cloud based call center solutions have the advanced performance metrics algorithm. Your call center can achieve desired goals with superior quality of auto dialer with CRM integration.


Training helps not only newcomers but existing call center agents to perform well. Without proper training, your call center might face heavy losses. Especially new agents can do big mistakes that can damage your call center’s corporate identity and brand image. Management should plan the training programs and schedule.

All training materials and FAQs should be accessible at all times to the working agents.  The quality call recordings, call center scripts, product knowledge, knowledge bank all are major sources of agent training. The modern call center technologies and trends emphasize the importance of the centralized knowledge bank availability to all workforces.

Cybells call center solutions are centralized knowledge bank enabled. You can set up a schedule of the training; upload the videos, audio formats, training contents. This is a great way to achieve the overall call center goals.


According to the global call center survey, about 88% of the centers found that Customer Experience and Services excellence is the key driver for the call center’s success. Customer experience is directly correlated with the call center’s growth. The first point of interaction between a company and its customers is definitely its contact center. The better customer services, the more customers and hence more revenue.

Modern call center trends focus on enhanced customer experience. It recommends advanced call center technologies and solutions to excel in customer services. There are a number of key elements for customer experience and customer services excellence.

  • Use of AI-Voice bots and Chat bots
  • Know Your Target Customer and Their Culture
  • Listen Your Customer Attentively
  • Be Polite and Courteous While Interacting With Customers
  • Do Not Put Callers on Long Holds
  • Optimize Quality of All Communication Channels
  • Add Emotions-A Human Touch in Your Conversation
  • Make Easy Navigation of Customer Support and Related Services


Cybercrimes are on the high rise and customer data can be misused. The customers are always concerned about their personal information and data to be secured. Modern call centers adopt very strict data safety and security standards. The data leakage or any mishap with customers’ secret information can lead to a big loss for a call center. Practicing advanced IVR call center technology is a great way to overcome security and safety challenges.

For a successful call center key elements and data safety measures are very much crucial.

Cybells Dialer Software is featured with strict data safety and security parameters. We have strong compliance and IVR-enabled protocols to make customers’ data safe and secure.

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