Kuari Pass Trek: Beginners Guide


There is more attraction here in winter. While most of the other mountain passes in the Himalayas are buried in snow, the Kuari Pass is the only trekkable mountain pass in winter. Even though you do not cross the pass in the traditional way, you still trek up to the pass, enough to have a stunning view from the top.

Kuari Pass Trek

The journey to Kuari Pass starts from Joshimath which is a hub of trekkers and pilgrims. Winter Kuari Pass Trek gives you a golden opportunity to witness the impressive skyline of the mighty mountains up close.

On some occasions, you can spot rare Himalayan bear or leopard footprints. The best part about the Kuari Pass is that you can camp amidst the lush green meadows overlooking the Himalayas.

One of the most enjoyable trekking trails amidst the Indian Himalayan region, the Kuari Pass Trek attracts thousands of adventure lovers from across the globe. This impressive trek is believed to have been discovered by Lord Curzon, the then Viceroy of India and hence called as Lord Curzon Trek. Beautifully nestled in the Garhwal Himalayan range, the Kuari Pass Trek is located a short distance from Auli, which is a stunning skiing destination.

This 4 to 6 day long easy-moderate trek starts from Tapovan, a quaint village near Joshimath, which is a hub for pilgrims and trekkers.

Location of Kuari Pass Trek

Beautifully nestled in the proximity of the vast Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, this trek is one of the most exciting trekking destinations in India, visited by adventurers from all over the world. The Kuari Pass is situated in the midst of the most gorgeous regions of the Garhwal Himalayas and is known for its exquisite wild splendour. Just below the valley, you can find the entrance to the fearful Sage Gorge which was previously impenetrable.

History of Kuari Pass Trek

This stunning trek was used by Bill Tillman, Eric Shipton and Lord Curzon in their pioneering explorations of the region in 1905. This is the reason why this trek is also famous as Lord Curzon Trek and it is believed that the trail was specially improved. His trekking expedition is quite famous among American and European travellers.

Highlights of Kuari Pass Trek

  • Witness the mesmerising views of mighty mountain peaks like Dronagiri, Chaukhamba, Chitrakantha and Tali Peak
  • The trek takes you through dense thickets of conifers, oaks, rhododendrons and birches. Hence, covering the Kuari Pass trek gives you an opportunity to experience exotic wildlife like Himalayan black bears, leopard pugmarks and a huge variety of bird species.
  • One can also get spectacular views of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda river on this trek.
  • A trekker also gets a relaxing view of the second highest mountain peak, Nanda Devi.

Why one should plan for Kuari Pass Trek

From lush meadows, lush rhododendrons to shimmering lakes, on every climb, a unique colour of the landscape unfolds before your eyes. The Kuari Pass offers panoramic views of the impressive mountain peaks. Taking up this pastime, you get a perfect chance to visit Auli, which is an exciting skiing destination in winters.

Kuari Pass Winter Trek- Equally popular among trekkers, this winter trek offers a mesmerising scenic attraction when the meadows are covered with thick sheets of snow and shimmering frozen lakes.

Best time to plan Kuari Pass Trek

Though the Kuari Pass is a year-round destination, best explored during the summer and winter seasons, it is not recommended to plan an adventure trip to the Kuari Pass during the monsoon months.

  • climate conditions in summer

The most ideal time to plan your Kuari Pass trek is the summer season which starts from April and continues till June. The cool and pleasant climatic condition makes the trek more enjoyable and hassle free. The days are hot but by the end of the evening the temperature starts to drop and it becomes difficult to stay in summer clothes. Hence, trekkers are strongly advised to carry light woollen clothes with them to deal with the cold weather.

  • Climatic Conditions in Monsoon

It is better not to plan the Kuari Pass trek in the monsoon months as the route becomes very slippery and challenging for the trekkers.

  • Climate conditions in winter

If you are ready to bear the scorching cold weather then covering this moderate level trek is a good idea for you. However, it becomes quite difficult for beginners to climb the hilly areas in this season. Also, we advise trekkers not to forget to carry heavy woollens and boots for this thrilling adventure vacation.

Kuari Pass Trek Detailed Itinerary

  • Day 1- Dehradun- Joshimath

This adventurous journey starts from Dehradun airport or railway station. Our tour representatives will accompany you on your arrival in Dehradun. The representative will walk with you towards Joshimath and then reach Joshimath and proceed to your pre-booked hotel for your stay.

  • Day 2- Trek from Joshimath to Dhak village and then to Tali Van Camp

Today you will proceed towards Tali Van Camp, on the way we will stop for sometime at Dhak village. You will start your trekking experience from this small beautiful village and then after covering the trail choose your camp for overnight stay.

  • Day 3- Round way trip from Tali Van Camp to Kuari Pass

After enjoying a sumptuous morning meal, start trekking from the campsite towards Kuari Pass. Click some beautiful pictures from the top of this pass and then head back to Tali Van Camp where you will stay overnight.

  • Day 4- Tali Forest Camp in Auli

On the fourth day of the Kuari Pass trek, you are about to explore Auli, one of the most recreational skiing destinations in India. Travellers from all over the world plan their adventure trips to Uttarakhand especially to witness the magnificence of Auli and get enthralled by the adventures.

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