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How To Become A Book Author Like The One That Makes Over $1000k

Many book marketing and promotion options are available to sell more copies and make more money. However, it is not this easy; you will need to master a new skill: promotingabook. If you wish to become an author who akes over $1000k, read the article to learn how to do it.


1.   Seek comments on your manuscript.

As a Book Author, It is necessary for you to find a mentor for comments. Before you publish, make sure your book is checked by a professional and make sure it error-free.Because if a book has errors, it won’t is liked and read, ultimately you won’t be able to make more money from it. One of the most simple methods of obtaining reviews for your new book is to approach reviewers of any of your previous works with a free copy and a polite request.

Search for top reviewers on Amazon and create a shortlist of people who have written about books in your field if you are a first-time author. Ask famous Book writers for reviews to add value to your book.

2.   Hold book marketing contests to increase the number of people who read your book.

Book Authorarrange contests to promote their books as ithelps spread the word about the book among readers and helps them make more money. Launching this campaign on your website and promoting it through your social media profiles are both options. A giveaway on Goodreads and social media accounts is also an option because these platforms have a significant number of followers following them.

3.   Discussion of the book while live streaming

Live streaming is one common method Book Authors use to promote their booksand increase book sales. There are two most popular choices when it comes to real-time streaming: webinars and live streaming on social networking sites.

Webinars are virtual workshops or seminars in which people assemble to discuss or learn about a specific subject in a virtual setting. If you want to engage virtually with your audience, this is a terrific option. You can host webinars using a variety of platforms such as Google Hangouts and Zoom, Facebook Live or YouTube Live, Go to Webinar, Skype, Webinar Jam, or Blackboard Collaborate.

Live streaming possibilities are now available on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. However, live streaming social media provides greater flexibility than webinars when it comes to learning or debating.

4.   Have an audiobook

Never forget to make an audiobook recorded. This will help you reach your deaf and lazy readers, which means the number of readers will increase. More readers mean more book sales, and so the book author can make more money. Simply contact the best audiobook service and get your book recorded by a reader.

5.   Make use of book trailers as a promotional strategy.

Similar to a movie teaser, the phrase “book trailer” is derived from the term “movie trailer.” One of the fun ways to Promote your book is Book Author use. It also gives your viewers a sneak glimpse into the content of your book, similar to a movie trailer.

It is one of the most successful ways to earn a good amount, as attractive book trailers help increase book sales. It is possible to use book trailers to attract new readers and increase the number of copies that are sold to existing ones by delivering an entertaining clip with a compelling call to action.

6.   Participate in book discussion forums on a regular basis.

Your target audience is likely to participate in discussion boards related to your field or specialty. Book Authorpromote their bookin these book discussion sessions. You can participate in these forums, make contributions, amaze the audience, and sell more copies as a result of your participation.

It is time-consuming, but it is definitely worth it if you can read a few new, engaged readers as a result of your efforts. The fact that you are providing specialized, relevant insight and information on your issue will also help to increase your online authority.


The article is a collection of some tips on how to make sure your book reachs more people, which will help you incfease your sales and help you earn over $1000k.

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