How to Ask for Time Off at Your New Job

With standard jobs in Dubai schedule – five days a week from morning to evening – some personal affairs simply cannot be solved during off-hours: visits to official authorities, doctor visits, parent-teacher meetings at school cannot be postponed for the weekend. The need to leave work periodically arises for each employee, this is a normal everyday situation.

But do not leave the workplace on your own, hoping that the authorities will not notice your absence. In order not to spoil your reputation and not provoke conflicts, explain to your boss why you need to leave right now. Your boss is a person just like you, with similar needs. Speak the truth without trying to sugarcoat the situation, and you will most likely get his support. At the same time, it is important not to turn rare departures into a system so that work discipline does not suffer. Then you won’t have any problems.

If the volume of your workload does not allow you to painlessly leave on personal matters, suggest that your boss work off the time of absence on the weekend or stay after the end of the working day. An alternative would be to work from home if you need to babysit a sick relative or supervise the work of a plumber. Remember that the manager is responsible for the results of the work of his department, so offer a solution to the problem that is acceptable to both you and the company.

By showing responsibility and a desire to compensate for your absence from the workplace with a good result, you will not look like a slacker and maintain good relations with your superiors.

How to take a day off

If an employee needs to leave work for personal reasons, you should not put the manager in front of the fact with the phrase “I need to leave.” It is advisable to talk with the employer in advance about the need to leave work. If such a need arises regularly, it is worth discussing with the employer the possibility of a flexible schedule, provided that work efficiency is maintained. It is quite a common practice for an employee to work out of the office one or two days a week. The arguments can be supported by numbers: 43% of office workers believe that the vacancy offered to them should include the possibility of working outside the office. These are the results of the study “Regus”, which was attended by more than 600 office workers in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. Representatives of many professions can work outside their office no less efficiently than when they are at their main workplace.

Explain to the employer that, having left the office during working hours, you will definitely do the work at another time: working at home or staying at work on other days. Make sure your manager knows what you’ve achieved while working remotely. Do not hide from the employer that you highly appreciate his willingness to meet you halfway in the matter of flexible hours or the opportunity to work outside the office for some time. Much depends on the corporate culture in each particular company, but the general rule is this: if the manager is sure that the employee is responsible for the assigned tasks and that the work will not suffer because of his personal affairs, it will be much easier for him to agree on such a request.

Do not be afraid to ask for time off, because unforeseen situations can happen to anyone, and the leader must understand this. To make the reason for leaving early convincing in his eyes, put yourself in the place of the boss before the conversation. He is responsible for ensuring that the company works efficiently and without interruption, makes a profit, due to which employees are paid a salary. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and do everything so that your unplanned absence does not damage the work. Ideally, do some of your tasks ahead of time.

And the conversation itself should also be in advance. After all, if you didn’t come and after the start of the working day called to say that you won’t be there today, because you need to draw up some documents, this is not only a manifestation of disrespect, but also an unpleasant surprise for colleagues who will have to perform your tasks. If you ask for a few days off, everything can be planned in advance.

In unforeseen situations, for example, if the temperature rises sharply or neighbors flood, of course, there are no other options, it remains just to warn by phone.

Explain clearly and directly the reason why you need to leave. I believe that it is better to always tell the truth, and not invent non-existent diseases. So you can lose confidence, because the secret sooner or later becomes clear. It is advisable not only to do part of the work, but also to plan when you can do the rest. And be ready to replace colleagues who insure you in your absence. And of course, you should not abuse it and ask for leave only for a really good reason.

What could be the reasons for leaving?

There can be many reasons for being late or taking time off, but in the end, any manager will get tired of all this. The best option, which will not annoy management and colleagues who will fall on your business, is to plan an extra day off in advance. This can be done by issuing a day on account of paid vacation or vacation at your own expense. Is it possible to plan ahead? Yes, you can partially predict the days on which you need to be absent from work. For example, if you want to go to a festive line with a child on September 1 or you need to help your mother organize an anniversary, then it is better to arrange such predictable days not on the last day. Some employees expect that, if asked the day before, they will be allowed to be absent and counted as a working day. And this is doubtful. After all, even if you have such a good relationship with the manager that he will let you go, then he himself may have problems submitting a time sheet with your hours of work if your early departure or absence was noticed by the personnel department.

Here are some of the reasons for taking time off from work:

  • The need to visit official authorities. It may be necessary to apply for a replacement passport, register real estate, or something else. These organizations work only on weekdays, and are closed on weekends. And the queues, for example, at the passport office are very long and it can take all day. That is why, in order to visit such places, you should take a day off from the authorities.
  • Difficulties with transport. Perhaps you’ve been caught in a big traffic jam, a minor accident, or your car suddenly broke down on your way to work. You can’t leave your car in the middle of the road, can you? So, this can be attributed to a serious reason for the day off.
  • Family problems. Often this reason is the most common, but for the authorities, this reason is one of the most serious. Perhaps you need it for your child’s holiday at school or for your elderly grandmother’s birthday. And also this can be attributed to the meeting of relatives at the station. You need to pass exams Perhaps you need to pass exams for rights or you have a session at the university, in such cases a day off is simply necessary and it is unlikely that the boss will be able to provide you with this.
  • By illness. Asking for sick leave is one of the most respectful requests for an employer. You urgently need medical attention If you are not feeling well or your young child is ill, your supervisor should simply give you the day off so that you can seek medical attention. Such a reason can be both a high temperature and the need to pass tests. In this case, the employer will not be able to refuse you.
  • Donation. A completely legal method for getting two days off is to donate blood. The day off is the day of delivery and the next day. By law, these days off must be paid. In this case, you need to present a document that proves that you donated blood. However, the authorities can rarely release for regular donation, but only when it is necessary for close relatives or if you are a donor with a rare blood type.

It may happen that a person woke up in the morning and simply did not want to go to work, called and said that he was not feeling well. If this happened once, then the leader can go forward and offer to stay at home. But when this is repeated quite often, regularly between the May holidays or on the working day of December 31, then, of course, this raises doubts and forms a negative attitude towards the employee, even if he then draws up these days at his own expense.

Sometimes a day is needed for a good reason, such as when someone close is hospitalized or dies.

Situations are unforeseen, and everyone should understand this. If an employee does not abuse time off and tries to plan them, then even in the event of a sudden need, the manager will not mind, and there is no need to come up with any tricks for this.

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