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How Often Can I Use an Infrared Sauna?

How they generate heat is the primary distinction between infrared saunas and conventional  or steam saunas. The air in a traditional sauna is heated by one heat source, which subsequently heats the user. 

By contrast, infrared saunas directly heat the user while only a small amount of the heat warms the surrounding air. As a result, you can experience a deeper sweat at a cooler, more pleasant temperature.

Infrared radiation is easily absorbed by the body, which triggers the immunological, cardiovascular, and lymphatic systems to get rid of toxins. Therefore, these treatments make it possible for you to feel and look your best without totally relying on exercise.

Scheduling a Session in an Infrared Sauna

At this point, you might be wondering how frequently you can take advantage of these treatments. Scheduling a session in an infrared sauna is up to each individual. As a general rule, your first session should last about 15 minutes with visits planned 2 days per week. You can then work up to 4 to 5 days per week with sessions going up to around 40 minutes at a time.

Usually, you don’t need to spend longer than 40 minutes in a sauna, as you’ll remove most toxins after this span of time. Plus, spending too much time with a treatment can lead to overheating. Therefore, you don’t want to overdo it.

Some of the Advantages of Infrared Treatments

Infrared sauna therapy allows you to lose weight, improve your well-being, and keeps you from getting stressed. By sweating out the poisons in your system, you also reduce the level of the stress hormone, cortisol. 

Getting Used to the Treatments

Younger users can stay in an infrared sauna longer than older users since they can adapt to its effects more quickly. It takes longer to begin sweating in the sauna if you start using it frequently. That is because your body gets used to the higher temperatures, so, naturally, you won’t sweat as much.

Give Yourself Time

After a session, stand up slowly and be alert for lightheadedness. Before initiating any sauna treatments, ask your doctor’s approval if you have high blood pressure or a heart condition.
Make sure you allow yourself enough time to return to your core temperature and wash the perspiration off.

Shower Off the Sweat

Depending on how lengthy your session is, a 5- to 15-minute cool-down and a cool or mildly warm shower is recommended.  The shower is crucial since one of your body’s primary natural detoxification processes involves sweating. Therefore, you want to wash away everything you sweated out to prevent your skin from reabsorbing it. 

Sit Up and Relax

While it’s entirely acceptable (and relaxing!) to lie across the bench when using an infrared sauna, it’s also helpful to sit up straight. Doing so will allow you to sweat on the front and back, enabling your whole body to receive as much infrared light as possible.

Chromotherapy – Enjoy a Rainbow of Light Treatments

Chromotherapy is used during a session as well. However, don’t try to flip through all the colors. Sit directly beneath certain lights for about 5 minutes. For instance, if you want to relax, choose a green light. Maybe you feel a little stressed. If so, select yellow..

Be Your Best Self

Whether you wish to lose weight or get rid of impurities, infrared treatments make it possible for you to realize your goals.

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