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How Many Ways Can a Web Developer Earn Online?

There are several ways web developers can earn online, regardless of their degree of expertise. Whether you’re a beginner with no experience or a pro with years of expertise as a senior developer doesn’t matter. Just know web developers can earn online.

There is a means for you to generate money online as a web developer out there, and you should gain the benefit of it as quickly as possible.

Best Ways can a web developer earn online

Here’s the answer to this question.

  1. Web developers can earn online by WordPress blogging

No list on how many ways a web developer earns online would be complete without including WordPress. WordPress is the open standard and entry-level to start blogging and dig your toes into web development.

Other tools exist, but WordPress does it better. It is the only way to start blogging and web development to generate money. Avoid utilizing sites or tools like Wix since they are not designed for your needs.

Wix is good at a lot but not outstanding at anything. So, WordPress is #1 on the list because it provides a professional blog that you can monetize with advertisements and affiliate marketing links so you can start with no expertise but still learn fundamental web-building concepts.

But how much can web developers can earn online from blogging using WordPress?

Some bloggers make over $6,000 each month from their sites. But as a beginner, don’t expect to make that much money straight immediately.

Pick a passion or specialty specialization and write about what others want to know about it. Then, how much you earn depends on how many people read your work. So it may be anything from £0 to £100,000+ every month, it’s up to you.

  • Web developers can earn online on Shopify

When writing about ways web developers can earn online, you can’t leave Shopify ever. Shopify is the easiest method to create an e-commerce website and start selling online. We won’t go into too much detail since there are so many methods to connect with Shopify, but it’s worth looking into because it can make starting online companies and generating money online very simple.

We can develop our own company and brand, and it is simple enough for beginners to get started. It entirely depends on you to sell what you want and charge what you want—all this with Shopify’s help and ease of use. So if you want to sell anything online, Shopify is the place to start. Therefore, you know this way web developers can earn online. You can become an ecommerce web developers and sell your ecommerce website.

You should know Shopify is the e-commerce version of WordPress. Also, sure, Shopify is beginner-friendly to start up.

  • Creating websites for local businesses.

It can be worth considering expanding your local region after building your first few websites. Web developers can earn online by providing online web developing plus designing devices. Web developers can contact local businesses and services.

Discover what works for you, but I recommend making a list of all area businesses with a weak or outdated website and giving them some suggestions on how to fix it.

After that, follow up with any possible opportunities and offer to develop a website for £XXX. You will scare people away by discussing hourly rates at this stage.

Remember. Currently, local businesses are expected to spend between £300 and £500 on their website and rarely pay more.

  • Selling digital items

Create digital items and sell them using Shopify or Stripe to earn money online as a web developer. We briefly discussed Shopify before, but now you will design and sell your things using code

You may generate money online by selling digital things. After creating your marketing funnel, is a terrific approach to producing passive revenue.

As a web developer, you may easily design digital items from scratch and put them on your websites or online for free. You can do this for free most of the time, so whatever you get is pure profit (minus marketing costs and taxes). You should create and sell digital items if you’re a web developer.

Creating and selling digital items costs money for practically everyone else, but it is free for you as a web developer.

Some digital items you may create are:

  • Planned giving
  • Calculators
  • Tools for automation
  • Web themes
  • WP plug-ins
  • E-Books
  • Finding a remote web development job.

This one is about seeking a remote web developer job. Web developers can earn online as remote jobs developers might save you much money on travel costs.

Just Google your work title with “remote,” surely, you will find several.

To secure a remote working job, you will need to have some experience and be self-sufficient.

Remote web developer salaries are usually comparable to those in big cities, minus a little.

So, if you find remote employment as a senior web developer in London, expect to earn between £60,000 and £90,000.

  • Freelancing

Becoming a freelance web developer is what you want to do. This is your chance to make it big. You can work for people from all over the world while you work from home.

You may have heard that websites like freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork give you jobs like this. If you can make yourself a brand, there are many more ways to get clients. For example, you can reach out to direct clients, get clients from Facebook groups, and more.

  • Web developers can earn online from A live stream

Live web development is a new and growing source of income for web developers who have the right skills and know-how.

Developers who want to learn how to build web applications can find real-time, live demonstrations of how to build web applications very interesting.

When you show developers how the finished product should look, you want to help and encourage them on their way to becoming great software developers.

If you show off your coding skills in front of a crowd of a million people, you can make money.

  • Making online courses

Online courses are the next big thing in education. They’re also growing all over the world.

This is one of the most common ways to teach and learn online. You can do an online course. Web developers have many jobs because the Internet has changed how we know. Build your reputation as an expert with a simple online course. You’ll also make more money, get more clients, and boost your creativity.

Are you interested in teaching web development? If so, why not turn it into a business? Please make your online course and start making money from it right away, then.


All of these different methods of producing money have one thing in common: you must be ready to put in the effort to make them happen. To make each of these opportunities a reality, you’ll need to take a different approach.

Time is more valuable than money, and you should not waste it on activities that will not help you in the long term. There is no “shortcut” to success. Every trip has its speed and reasons for going in the direction, so we can’t expect every adventure to be easy.

Assume you have a strong desire for it. In such a scenario, you’ll learn how to combine your interests with new professional opportunities and possibly even transform your hobbies into a profitable and pleasurable job.

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