The Great Lakes of Kashmir as seen through Dev’s eyes


Kashmir is the top state in India and acquired most of the beauty in India. Kashmir has great tremendous lakes which almost make you lost in yourself. It is the rarest place to view the utmost beauty compared  to any other places in India. Lakes between the treks and mountains flow with an attractive posture that offers you heartwarming beauties. Also creates an impact that replenishes your moods in your stressful days too. Having a visit to the Kashmir Great Lakes would become your best plan in your vacation life. You will get a feeling of meeting Dev nearby and viewing the sceneries of Kashmir through his eyes. Isn’t it a wonderful thing which is enough for your complete life. Let’s hurry up and make a plan in your precious vacations to call out the best memorable trip “Kashmir Great Lakes – Through the eyes of Dev”.

1. The colors in Kashmir Great Lakes

Kashmir Great Lakes, you all know the beauty of it very well. The beauty is compared to nonetheless. You can get the visual of it while listening to the name of itself. It’s one of the tranquil beauty nature offers in India. Kashmir is owned by not only the lakes but also the snowy milk mountains. Different colors will be found on valleys. All the refreshing colors such as purple,pink and yellows mesmerize your mood . You can find different colors in different seasons. So, it’s a good opportunity if you are ahead now with no delay. Along with mountains, summer rains, rainbow colors will make your heart stay there forever within the lap of it. 


Kashmir Great Lakes pinned at the Kashmir, famously known for paradise on earth. You need to spend 7-9 days of your journey to enjoy and look over all you want to. The difficulty level suggests moderately difficult. You can get the best physical and mental peacefulness with the 13000 feet Kashmir trek. All the heartwarming beauties will take you to the other world to introduce a new one of yourself. The joy of leaving yourself into such beautiful places benefits you a lot either directly or indirectly. You can create more than enough memorable moments in your life. 

 It is surely said to be a treasured spot in India.


The trek of Great Lakes of Kashmir will set your physical health as well as mental health perfectly in shape. You can make your body look more beautiful, good in shape and be healthy. With money and hard work, how you’ll get physical strength at gyms equally without anything you can gain your mental health here by visiting. I hope you’ll really enjoy it once you visit.

This trek initially starts with 3km from Srinagar road on the way sonamarg. You can view the shabbos along your way. The trekkers used to have food at the naranag which is the last trace for trekkers to dwell. 

4.Beauty of Kashmir Great Lakes

Within a few miles from here you’ll enter into a place full of greenery that makes your heart bump into a heavenly world, you couldn’t ever imagine such a wonderful tranquil place in your dream too. At the initial stage maple and pine trees will greet you along with meadows that offer a smooth way all over ahead. Next is dense forest. You must like it for its lovey dovey looks. The beginner level trekkers can even enjoy the trekking experience awesomely here. You can enchant and offer the greenery with different colors of flowers throughout the mountains all over the year whenever you visit. In between June and September you’ll be welcomed by the blossoming flowers.


Trekkers can even climb over the maple trees to enjoy the breathtaking views of surroundings from every height. It’s really awesome to have a look like it. The vishansar lake would arrive after passing the nichnai pass. After it you can be greeted by beautiful waterfalls, meadows etc. The Kishansar lake is 2.5 km away from it which is ready to warm you with long meadow land. All the lakes in between offer you the best look that you can’t expect simply. Your visit to Kashmir Great Lakes will surely place a high memory in your life.

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