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Goldbuds: Canada’s Largest Online Dispensary

With legalization happening all around the world, there’s no doubt that this trend is going to continue. Online dispensaries are able to provide their customers with access to their products in a convenient and discreet way, making it hard for governments to regulate them. The article breaks down what you need to know about online dispensaries including the rules and regulations in each country they’re set up in, and how they compare with brick-and-mortar dispensary shops.

What is an online Dispensary?

An online Dispensary is a website that sells medical products to people all over the world. The products can be purchased through it’s website, or other means of delivery like shipping or email. Canada has a large Dispensary industry because Canada enacted The Act in October of 2018. This act made it legal for Canadian citizens to consume for recreational purposes and allowed companies to open online dispensaries just like the United States does with their provinces.

Different Kinds are There

One of the most common types of online dispensaries is an online dispensary. Goldbuds, which is Canada’s largest online dispensary, offers a wide variety of flower products for purchase. The site includes a blog with updated information about bud culture and events in Toronto as well as a list of licensed producers.

How Can I Find a Good Online Dispensary?

In an online dispensary, you’re most likely to find edibles online Canada products. Flower is usually available in a few different varieties. Some common examples are sativa, indica, and hybrid. Sativas are known for their energetic effect and uplifting daytime high, while indicas are best for more relaxing experiences at the end of the day. Hybrids combine the best qualities from both types and can be used by all consumers with different needs.

How Can I Buy From a Dispensary?

Although online pharmacies are legal in Canada, they’re still a new thing. For many patients, this might make them nervous. In Canada, the law states that consumers must be at least 19 years of age to purchase bud products from an online pharmacy. However, if you execute a search on Google for “online dispensary”, you’ll see sites such as Goldbuds that sell products to the Canadian public. You may have even seen them on TV or used them when looking for bud Oil or other related products.

The short answer is that you can’t. The long answer is a bit more complicated, but the best way to buy from an online dispensary is to find one in your region that has a physical location near you. If it doesn’t, you can only purchase concentrates, oil or edibles.


There are many benefits to buying online here. The first major benefit is cost. A gram of high quality product can cost anywhere from $10-30 in some dispensaries, but it is the same price or even cheaper on the internet. There is also no tax involved with purchasing your products online. Lastly, you can find a huge variety of strains of product online that can be purchased directly and shipped to your home.

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