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5 Perks of Getting a Pre-Dental Scholarship Before School

If you’re currently in an undergraduate program in college but have your sights set on a dental career, getting a pre-dental scholarship before you enter dental school can help you financially as well as personally.

When you apply for a scholarship as a pre-dental student, you’ll find out what it takes to prepare for dental school. You can also plan on what you’ll need in scholarships and financial aid. You’ll realize rewards academically and personally, and you’ll find that the perks you receive will give you insights into the skills you’ll need to realize success as a dental school student and dentist.

5 Reasons Why Getting a Pre-Dental Scholarship is an Exciting Opportunity

The list below gives you 5 good reasons why getting a pre-dental scholarship is truly an academic privilege.

1. Getting a Dr. Michael Krochak Pre-Dental Scholarship Allows You to Share Your Vision

One of the perks of applying for the Dr. Michael Krochak Pre-Dental Scholarship is the chance you’ll have to share your vision. You can do this by submitting an essay, up to 750 words. State why working as a dentist is important to you. You can express why you want to help people in the field of dentistry, and convey what you feel from your own experiences and perspectives.

2. Getting a Scholarship Allows You to Learn Challenging and Interesting Subjects

Another perk of getting a pre-dental scholarship before you enter dental school is that you’ll get to prove your skills through good grades and by completing dental-related subjects. You will need to be well versed in science, math, and English composition, as well as show an artistic inclination. After all, you cannot make prosthetics, such as bridges, if you don’t have some artistic skills and abilities. 

3. A Scholarship Allows You to Meet Future Financial Goals and Dreams

Naturally, getting a scholarship can help alleviate the burden of the cost of college. Not only can you apply for financial aid, you can also pare down the costs with the scholarship you receive. This can make a big difference, as you’ll make a good salary after you graduate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dentists make, on average, around $150,000 annually.

4. When You Get a Scholarship, You Get the Satisfaction that Comes with Helping Others

However, receiving a scholarship is not just about the money. It is also about the rewards that come from helping others. There is no greater feeling on the planet than to see someone smile–yes, actually smile–because you improved their dental health.

5. Getting a Scholarship Allows You to Take Part in Community Activities

When you apply for a scholarship, you’ll also want to demonstrate your commitment to your community. You can do this through working as a volunteer in a dental-related activity. Doing so will allow you to continue to give back to your community after you enter the dental field.

Apply for a Pre-Dental Scholarship Today

If you have not applied for a pre-dental scholarship already, now is the time to do so. What you’ll receive in perks will motivate you toward great accomplishments in dentistry.

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