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Embed Instagram feeds on any Website- The Ultimate Guide

Instagram feed is nothing else but the profile page of your Instagram. It is a place where you share videos and photos with your connections on the app. The posts you share will display on the feed of your followers and vice versa.

It constantly updates when you refresh the Instagram page. The application shows you the photos and videos from your followers and other posts according to your interests. The Instagram feed includes those posts that stay on your profile until you delete them manually. By carefully designing your Instagram feed, you can attract the target audience. Later on, you can embed this feed on any of your websites to have benefits.

You can read more about the benefits you can get by embedding Instagram feed on website in this blog further.

Why Embed Instagram Feed On Your Website?

1. Include UGC On Your Website

It helps to integrate the user-generated content with the help of hashtags. Users usually prefer to create content around hashtags.

Creating a hashtag and promoting it helps users generate content related to it. Hashtags help you to collect and curate UGC to display on the website. UGC enhances the relevance and trust of the brand among users.

2. Enhance Brand-Audience Interaction

You can display UGC to reach the emotional touchpoints of your target audience. Users will be able to feel more connected to these posts.

When the user sees and reads the real-life experiences of your customers, they prefer to interact with you more.

3. Increase User Time On The Website

When your website becomes more interactive with the embedded Instagram feed, visitors will spend more time on the page. Instagram feed makes your website more vibrant and holds the users’ attention. It makes them stay longer on the webpage.

Photos and Videos from your Instagram keep your browsers busy exploring, and enhance the dwell time. The visitor’s bounce rate also become low as their time on your webpage increases.

4. Leads To High Conversion Rate

With UGC, users spend more time on the website and go through your embedded Instagram feed. It tends to create an urge to buy products from you.

Display UGC as an Instagram feed on the website, it helps to convert casual visitors into loyal customers.

5. Enhance Authenticity

There is no more authenticity in any other content compared to the content generated by users. It helps to make the brand more authentic.

When a brand advertises its offerings directly, and when it does it with the help of UGC, the latter creates more impact on the target audience.

You are aware of the benefits now, so let us read about how you can embed the Instagram feed on any website to have these benefits.

Steps To Embed Instagram Feed On Any Website

Step 1: Login/Sign up

It is the most basic yet crucial step. You need to first sign up with any social media aggregator available.

Step 2: Collect The Content

Once you reach the dashboard of any social media aggregator tool, choose Instagram as a source to aggregate the content for your feed.

Step 3: Moderation

You can moderate the posts you have collected. In this step, you can remove the irrelevant content. You can keep the posts you find relevant enough.

Step 4: Curate The Content

After filtering the feed, you can customize the posts according to how you want these. The social media aggregators give you different features like changing the layout, background color, font style, etc. After finalizing your feed, publish the feed to have your embed code.

Step 5: Embed Instagram Feed On The Website 

Once you get done with the feed, the tool gives you a unique embed code. You need to copy this code. After copying the code from the aggregator, you need to navigate the location where you want to display the Instagram feed.

Once you successfully choose the location, paste the embed code on the website. As you paste the embed code, save the changes you have made. You cannot complete the process to embed the Instagram feed on the website without saving the changes.

Wrap Up

Congrats! You have just learned to embed the Instagram feed on any website. The blog gives you an idea about the benefits you can have by embedding the Instagram feed on your website. Also, the step-by-step process you can follow to do it.

Want to experience all the benefits you have read about in the blog? What are you waiting for then? Try your hand on the process now!

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