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 Dukascopy is a broker and a bank founded in 2004 and licensed as a Swiss bank in 2010. FINMA carries out regulations of Dukascopy in Switzerland and JFSA in Japan; They headquartered the company in Geneva, Switzerland, and have offices worldwide. These include the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E. ), China, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, and the S.E.A.

Dukascopy’s unique JForex 3 trading platform, which enables algorithmic trading, custom indicators, and hundreds of apps available in the Dukascopy app store, is accessible for use. The well-known MT4 trading platform is also included.

They have their cryptocurrency called Dukascoin (symbol: DUK+) and over 60 different F.X. pairs to choose from, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and C.F.D.s on various stock indices, government securities (bonds), and commodities (precious metals).

Dukascopy TV is a one-of-a-kind studio in Geneva specializing in in-depth market analysis and interviews with industry leaders. IFX EXPO, Cyprus, presents an interview with the Forex Peace Army.

The Dukascopy platform includes a live economic news calendar, a news stream from MarketPulse and Reuters, the SWFX Sentiment Index, and several other tools for traders.

Customers can open an account with Dukascopy Bank (Switzerland) or Dukascopy Europe. A $5,000 initial deposit is required for the Swiss branch, whereas the European branch needs a $100 deposit. The limits on investor protection also differ by state.

Please read the Dukascopy Review below and share your real trading experiences with this broker.

How reliable is Dukascopy?

To the best of our knowledge, Dukascopy is a legitimate, FINMA-licensed broker (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). It is both a bank and a broker, subject to the same regulations. The bank owns Dukascopy Europe IBS AS, a European-licensed brokerage firm based in Riga, and Dukascopy Japan, a Type-1 Tokyo regulated licensed broker.

Compared to other forex brokers, how big is Dukascopy?

Dukascopy has an operating income of around 40.1 million CHF, and traders deposit about 115 million dollars a year (around 105.3 million CHF). In addition, Dukascopy’s growth rate is solid, and the broker’s annual income is increasing due to this rapid expansion.

Is Dukascopy secure?

Yes, Dukascopy is a safe broker that uses the most advanced technology available for fast execution and transaction control and a cyber-security policy prohibiting unauthorized access to organizational assets, including trading computers, networks, and data. Due to Dukascopy’s good reputation and service, all traders are confident when trading with them.

Liquidity providers of Dukascopy

Its liquidity sources include Commerzbank, Nomura, Currenex, Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Hotspot Morgan Stanley, and other liquidity providers. Milliseconds is the standard time frame for most transactions.

The Dukascopy trading platform

Dukascopy offers three leading trading platforms and three mobile trading applications. Traders can now use the broker’s platform, renamed JForex. The traders can choose between a Java-based platform and a web-based one. They use mobile or handheld devices, such as Apple or Android, by traders on the move.

A Dukascopy Spread

Dukascopy has some of the best retail Forex spreads, especially for popular currency pairs. Dukascopy’s price has no hidden fees or commissions. The gaps expand during breaking news or trading sessions.

Traders will have minimal commissions and tight variable spreads. The E.C.N. handles all transactions, including Micro lots, regardless of order size.

Dukascopy EU has what?

Dukascopy EU offers freebies from its parent company. Swiss Forex Marketplace E.C.N. trading ensures transparency, seamless and secure operation, and account defrayment. These people manage trade-related webinars, seminars, and contests. Two companies differ.

The Dukascopy Bank, mandated by the Swiss FINMA for banks and securities dealers, performs integrated control over the Group enterprises to provide sufficient liquidity, including acceptable risk and capital. There’s also a Japanese offshoot. 2015 was Alpari’s year.

Dukacopy Bank’s live trading account requires a $1,000 deposit from Swiss and Chinese residents. Dukascopy Europe requires a $100 deposit to start an account. Forex requires a 0.5% margin. Dukascopy Bank clients start with $5,000.

Swiss quote E.U. and Dukascopy Europe both enable leverage more considerable than 1:100.

The company offers profitable trading platforms like JForex. This level of access opens the Swiss FX market. There are mobile and P.C. versions. The platform is for traders interested in automated trading or constructing Java-based trading techniques. The platform has a few tools. Includes:

  • More than 250 indicators and chart studies are available.
  • A news and economic events calendar is also included.
  • They have automatic trading on the user’s computer (the “strategy server”).
  • Automated historical trading testers are available.
  • Users can make use of range bars and points and figure and line breaker charts.
  • 6) They have an Mql4 expert adviser that can be converted to Java

The Dukascopy payments

You can pay using credit cards, bank transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Credit cards and debit cards charge 1.2% for E.U.R., GBP, and CHF transactions; 1.5% for NOK, C.Z.K., P.L.N., or S.E.K. transactions, and 2% for USD transactions. 2.3% for RUB, J.P.Y., and CAD transactions when using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

How do I withdraw money from Dukascopy?

To withdraw money from Dukascopy, complete these steps:

  • Log in to the Dukascopy website to access the live trading platform.
  • Open My Account report.
  • Account > My Account (Desktop platform) or More > Account > Account settings (Mobile Platforms)
  • Select the Deposit and Withdrawal tabs.
  • Choose My withdrawal methods such as bank transfer, credit card, Skrill, or other third-party methods.
  • Set a sum and withdraw it.

Advantages of managed account broker

The advantages of managed account brokerare many, but the main one is that the trader doesn’t need to keep a close eye on the market, as the algorithm is doing it for him. The trader only needs to decide when and how much money he will invest, and then he can leave everything to the software. Also, as the algorithm performs the trading, the trader can focus on other things, such as analyzing the market, improving his trading skills, etc.


Although all the good things are said about Dukascopy, it’s important to remember that nothing is perfect. No company will ever make everyone happy, and Dukascopy is no different. However, it’s an excellent option for new forex traders, and it offers a lot of features that can help you succeed. Again, the most important thing to remember is that it might not be the best fit for everyone, but it’s worth trying.

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