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Do You Suspect that Your Loved One Was a Victim of Medical Malpractice? Here are the Next Steps to Take

It may be something you don’t want to consider, but medical malpractice occurs more frequently than most people think. If you suspect that your loved one is a victim of this type of oversight, you need to know what to do to safeguard your rights.

When you feel a loved one has been wronged medically, you need to take steps to exert your rights. Besides seeking medical attention from another physician, you also need to get a copy of your loved one’s medical records (for evidence), write your experience in a journal, and hire a medical malpractice lawyer. 

Speak to a Connecticut Malpractice Attorney Right Away

Don’t contact anyone else or talk to the defendant’s insurance company, before scheduling an appointment with a Connecticut malpractice attorney. An attorney will help you review your options and can negotiate settlements on your behalf. He or she has the knowledge to speak to insurers so you can receive equitable compensation when you’ve proven negligence.

Supporting a Negligence Claim: What Your Attorney Must Show

To support a negligence claim involving medical malpractice, your attorney must show the following:

  • The health care provider was obligated to offer a reasonable duty of care
  • He or she breached this duty
  • This breach led to an injury or fatality
  • This injury or fatality would not have happened if oversight had not been made

In other words, your attorney must show that other health providers, under the same circumstances, would not have made the same mistake. Medical malpractice may cover a wrong diagnosis, an error during a surgical procedure, incorrect dosing, or a lack of required care.

Schedule an Appointment with Another Physician or Health Care Provider

To support your suspicion of malpractice, you should speak to another physician or health care provider. You’ll need their help to correct the previous provider’s mistakes or verify the validity of your malpractice claim. For instance, if the wrong diagnosis was made, you’ll need a new doctor to run diagnostic tests to confirm your loved one’s health and condition.

Get a Copy of Your Loved One’s Medical Records

It’s essential to retrieve copies of the medical records on file to prove inaccuracies related to tests, surgical procedures, and standard medical care. Without these records, you cannot support a medical malpractice claim.

Journalize the Experience

Document your malpractice experience in a journal. Take time to record the mental and physical suffering your loved one is experiencing or how the outcome has affected your family. Also, summarize doctor’s appointments or any activities that relate to recovery.

Do Not Contact Others Involved with Your Claim

A medical malpractice case is not resolved overnight. It may take years to settle a claim. During this time, you need to solely work with your attorney. Other parties may use your words against you. 

That is why you need to rely on a legal representative. Don’t contact the healthcare site or the healthcare provider in your case. Don’t even get in touch with them to let them know you’re filing a claim. Leave the communications in the case up to your attorney.

Don’t Discuss Your Case Online

A Connecticut Malpractice attorney will advise you not to discuss the case on social media or speak to anyone representing the defendant’s insurance company. Refer them to your attorney.

Contact a Legal Advisor Today

When you file a medical malpractice claim, you need a legal advocate. Use their services to receive the compensation your loved one deserves for their economic and non-economic losses.

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