Desert Safar Dubai – A Must Try Encounter in UAE

Explore the promising desert safari Dubai with adventurous sand activities, live entertainment shows and BBQ Dinner. All these incredible actions arrive in one budget-friendly package. Where the package price per person is 35 AED. Just if you’re touring Dubai having an insufficient budget. This mentor is excellent for you, wherein just 10$. You can encounter the whole 6-hours standard tour.

However, we also enable you to understand where you can attain an increased quality of services at a small price rate. The justification is Happy Desert Safari. Which is a reasonable tour operating company in the United Arab Emirates. They allow you to appreciate your UAE excursions cheerfully throughout the trip. Having pocket-friendly deals and packages, check the site to avail of the service.


Your standard or evening tour starts at 2:30 PM. However, the standard locale is the vast Arabian desert. Which is tremendous for its huge inclusions. Encompassing courageous sand activities, glowing live entertainment exhibits. Also, at a Bedouin campsite, enjoy a delicious BBQ buffet dinner with veg and non-veg choices. Along with endless refreshments and hot or cold beverages. Which was conveyed to all visitors or travellers.

What you will Get From the High-Quality Desert Safari Dubai?

There are numerous desert safari Dubai choices scheduled for the morning, night and evening hours. You are absorbed in intentions such as the Evening desert safari or overnight or morning desert safari Dubai. Which you memorize to understand with a delightful BBQ buffet dinner with the eight live entertainment shows.

Select the journey of your odds for valuable hours. All the several desert safari Dubai tours are slated every hour. Such as sunrise, early morning, night and evening hours are varied. But to make pre-booking desert safaris in Dubai will provide you with the best discount. If you like to get a 30% bargain on your early booking. Then make a pre-booking at least 24 hours before.

Pick and Drop Service:

You may be modern to Dubai and do not indicate. To wander around the blond city of the United Arab Emirates. We sold you, for this our skilled drivers will achieve the pick and drop service to your hotel or doorstep.

Also, we provide a bus of lavish pick and drop services to the Arabian desert duration. Where you will get to encounter courageous sand activities on the high red Arabian dunes.

Dune Bashing Service:

Dune bashing is a great encountering of activity on the tall red Arabian dunes. You will get to encounter this adventure under the supervision of experts drivers. You can customise the length of the ride with an additional charge. However, the regular length is 20-30 minutes.

Dune Bashing is completely safe to experience. Because it comes with a roll cage cover and perfect insurance. But for some people, dune bashing might be not a great idea. Including pregnant women, senior citizens or individuals having heart or back problems.

Camel Ride and Sandboarding:

Camel riding has been conventional since the Arab days. In this excursion, you will get to amend the Bedouin lifestyle. Along with several tremendous joys, reception and delicious food. Likewise, you will get a tight or lengthy Camel rise as per your needs.

On the additional side, appreciate the sandboarding training on the enormous red dunes of Arabia. Where the modern sand boards are accessible to slip your fantasies into the entertainment.

Bedouin Camp Services

Once you experienced adventurous activities. The extra stage is to allow you to enter the Bedouin camp. Where the Bedouin camp climate and ambience provides you with an instant Arabian culture feel.

Also, you will have available and endless entry to relish free refreshments and beverages. Encompassing Arabian or normal coffee,  mixed tea, cold drinks, fries and Sharma. Also, you will reap to appreciate some extra and free activities.

Such as Henna tattoos and Arabic dress photography for ladies and gents. All you desire to accomplish is scrape the dress, strike and present and click images.


Then, you will get to understand six remarkable live entertainment performances. Where worldwide artists conduct shows back to back. This earns the public fascination. Encompassing belly dancing, LED & Classic Tanoura shows, fire playing and Zumba dance shows.


Last but not least, your desert safari in Dubai verges with a delicious BBQ buffet dinner. Which arrives with a large spectrum of chances for veg and non-veg cuisines. Another tremendous aspect is the decent chefs in Dubai equips that buffet. So the traveller can appreciate the nourishment along with thrilling sand activities and additional Bedouin camp services.

To respect the Jain neighbourhood, the faculty govern veg and non-veg food individually. Along with the refreshments, main course and dessert.

After the food, you will be dropped safely to the location you were picked up.

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