Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving

Сommercial kitchen wall shelving made of stainless steel are designed for storage of industrial equipment and utensils, packed and non-packed food products and semi-finished products, in the volumes required for catering, food production and trade. Personnel must have quality equipment at their disposal, and everything necessary must be located in close proximity to work surfaces. It is for this reason that cooks value stainless steel furniture so highly, among which fairly simple but very useful hanging shelves are extremely popular. 

Types of Commercial Kitchen Wall Shelving

Stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted can be open and closed, solid and perforated. Solid ones are suitable for arranging dishes, gastronorm containers, containers with bulk products and spices. Perforated or slatted often have a tray and are used to store and dry utensils. They are represented by shelves of the following types:

  • wall;
  • desktop open;
  • wall closed;
  • for drying.

Steel wall shelves have a simple, durable design, easy to clean with any detergent. The table shelf can be single or double. Wall shelves are equipped with a solid or perforated base. Shelves for drying dishes are made with a pallet and a lattice box for placing cutlery. You can buy goods wholesale and retail at a bargain price. 

How to Choose Wall Shelves?

If you are preparing to open your own cafe or other catering establishment, do not forget to equip the kitchen not only with the necessary appliances, but also with commercial kitchen wall shelving. They will help to conveniently place dishes, gastronorm containers and inventory. Shelves do not take up much space, and their contents will always be in sight. 

Properly selected stainless steel kitchen shelves wall mounted will help to solve several issues at once, saving space and improving working conditions for personnel at various stages of the production process:

  • A shelf mounted above the sink is a great solution for placing plates and other utensils after cleaning;
  • Steel wall shelves above the catering unit will become simply indispensable for storing dishes, appliances, and inventory.
  • In accordance with the conditions of sanitary regulations, stainless restaurant shelving must accommodate cutting boards and knives. However, they must be labelled. It is also necessary to store all covers. For this, shelves of a special design are used.

As you can see, commercial kitchen wall shelving is just the perfect solution for catering establishments, allowing you to optimally distribute the usable area and improve the ergonomics of the space. 

The high performance of commercial kitchen wall shelving is what made them so popular. The main ones are:

  • standard stainless steel rack can withstand up to 150 kg of weight. On it you can place not only products or semi-finished products from them, but also various kitchen equipment;
  • frequent washing of stainless steel racks with various reagents does not damage their surface;
  • production racks used in the food industry are made of special steel, in which there are no additives harmful to health;
  • the stainless steel used in the production withstands constant contact with water without any damage to itself.

One of the factors behind the steady demand for stainless steel shelf is the ability to buy them at an affordable price.

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