Casual Chic Clothing And The Fashion Hits

Casual chic clothing is undoubtedly the favorite trend of 2022. We offer you some images to inspire you and find the look that best reflects your personality. We have also chosen to present you the best outfits inspired by the world of fashion. Check out our image gallery with more than 100 original photos and ideas. Thanks to our little guide you will find useful tips regarding clothing, jewelry and accessories to match.

Casual chic – ensure a well-groomed look every day

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No matter the size or color of your clothes, you can always look beautiful and elegant. The thing to do is to find the right combination of the elements that make up the outfit. Regardless of whether you are going to the grocery store, meet friends or an office meeting, style must never be missing. Clothes, or dress codes in general, play a fundamental part in our life. The first impression in the people we know is made by the way we dressed. The clothing and the refined look are able to make us make a good impression everywhere, and not only, they say many things about our personality.

A man’s casual chic clothes

When we talk about casual chic clothing, different associations come to mind: jeans and t-shirt combined with accessories and elegant make-up, why not try an unusual and original look, such as the combination of a satin dress, leather jacket and boots . The possibilities are endless! It all depends on your personal tastes and the conception of the style you have. The most important thing is to feel comfortable and attractive in the clothes you are wearing. Here are our tips:

Trousers / Jeans – a pair of jeans and beige trousers are an ideal choice for men who dress smart casual. A great idea would be the combination of jeans, shirt and tie. Jeans and trousers are also a variation for women. We want to emphasize that women shouldn’t forget about skirts and dresses. The latter were created specifically for the female. Wearing them offers the opportunity to feel unique and special!

JacketDenim jackets and leather jackets are a must in the casual wardrobe. The blazer also finds its place. A blazer, t-shirt and jeans is our favorite combination;

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Top – here you have complete freedom – many combinations are possible: both a shirt with jeans and a T-shirt with leather trousers, why not a sweater and skirt for women;

Shoes – for women, we especially recommend shoes with heels. Heeled shoes always offer a certain sense of elegance. These are not very comfortable if you go for a long walk. In this case we suggest sneakers or ballet flats. Boots are ideal for colder days, especially in winter. Men should rather rely on leather shoes, for example the Clarks. Sneakers with unusual colors are a great suggestion, but only for the bravest. Such models must be combined with particular attention;

Bags – not only bags belong to casual chic clothing. In this case it is better to rely on backpacks;

Glasses – no matter what the season, this accessory should never be missing in your bag. First, they serve to protect the eyes. Secondly, they are great tool for hiding the eyes that witness the nightlife. Thirdly, it cannot fail to underline that sunglasses are considered a very chic element;

Jewelery – the chocker choker was the hit among women last year as well as this year. In addition, we can find longer necklaces, thin bracelets with “Pandora” style pearls and rings with colored stones. Anyone who wants to create an elegant yet chic look should definitely wear bracelets and a watch. The watch is a classic accessory for both genders. The most fascinating and unisex models are for example offered by Daniel Wellington. However, there are several possible variants for brands and designs, which of course you can find in the many online stores;

Other accessories – the additional elements of the outfit are a stylish addition in the smart casual dress code. Don’t hesitate to wear a hat or belt next to your other jewelry. Gloves and scarves are accessories used during the winter. There is one more thing women cannot ignore: lipstick. Preferably in bright colors – even if you don’t apply makeup, red or pink lips help create an attractive look.


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