How Can Choose the Best University in Canada for Higher Education?


If you are thinking about your own higher study and making a plan. So this article information is helpful and noticeable for you and you should read it till the end. Because in this article, we will discuss about the best university in Canada. 

Now when you search about the best Canadian university on Google and other platforms so you get a list of university names that are provided many courses for higher study for international or national students. 

List of Canadian Universities

  • University Canada West
  • McGill University
  • Humber College
  • University of Windsor
  • Ryerson University
  • University of Victoria

These all universities are the best university in Canada. But in all universities, according to my research, University Canada West is the perfect choice for higher study, especially for International students. Because University Canada West is the latest and fastest-growing university in Canada. 

So let’s start without wasting your time that How University Canada West is the perfect university. And why should choose University Canada West for better education quality or perfect student life? 

About University Canada West

University Canada West is a private or public-based university that is situated in Downtown Vancouver, Canada. University Canada West was stabilized in the year 2004 by David F. Strong that was the former president of the University of Victoria. 

And with this university, you get classes with few students. When you study at this university so you can get easily a better job position. And this University almost 88 percent of students get a better job after completing graduation within 3 months. 

Why Choose University Canada West for Study?

Univeristy Canada West has famous links with local and international institutes. In addition, UCW University is authorized by EduCanada this organization supports international education in Canada. And now University Canada West has a membership in the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business). 

University is running many missions to encourage engagement. And the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is the podium for small businesses, students, and institutes that connect with each other to achieve a common goal. 

University Canada West offers a flexible program for all students because you can also choose online classes for off-campus study. Additionally, in the year 2021, University gets ranked in the top 10 best online universities. 

University Canada West is located in the top city of Canada that is best for living. This university surrounding by global corporations like Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, etc. UCW University gives options to all students for becoming a better career. 

Courses UCW


  • Bachelor of Commerce
  • Associate of Arts
  • Online Bachelor of Commerce
  • Online Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication


  • Master of business administration
  • MBA foundation
  • Online Master of Business Administration
  • MBA-ACCA Pathway

Campus of University

University Canada West has two campuses in Canada that are Vancouver House and West Pender. 

Vancouver House

University’s Vancouver House was founded in the year 2020 and with it, this campus is located in the middle of West End and Yaletown. And this campus is a part of the Vancouver House development. 

West Pender

Univeristy Canada West’s second campus was established in 2014 in the historic office of The London Building, Downtown Vancouver. And you can easily reachable to this campus. And this campus is located a short distance from the bus stand, and the SeaBus terminal.

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