A guide on upgrading the ice Staff in Origin.

The Ice Staff is a formidable weapon in Origins, capable of swiftly freezing and shattering undead. However, the base version of the staff has a severe flaw: frozen foes might obstruct your escape route, making it difficult to flee a swarm.

Fortunately, a more powerful version of the Ice Staff is available. The improved staff has a charged blast that generates a giant blizzard, sucking in nearby zombies. This attack is helpful for top rounds and camping places when you require assistance.

You must collect three blue discs, a phonograph, and base staff to obtain the essential ice staff. The blue discs can be found in the three major zombie areas: the Courtyard, the Excavation Site, and the Power Room. The Gramophone can be found at the excavation site, while the base staff can be in the power room.

Once you acquire all three pieces, upgrading the staff requires a minor puzzle. Even if the problem isn’t complicated, it can take a long to solve. Detailed pictures and maps are available to make things as simple as possible.

How to acquire the Ice Staff

 Ice Staff

Players must collect three parts: a colored disc, a black disc, and a gramophone to gain the Ice Staff in Origins. The colored and black discs can be found in the game world, but you must obtain the Gramophone through the Ice Portal and play it after all three parts have been obtained.

Location of the Blue Disc

The blue disc can be found in the structure close to Generator 2. It might be in any of these locations, but it could be somewhere else in this room. If you keep an eye out for it, you’ll find out.

The location of the ice staff’s departure

The Ice Staff components do not have set placements, but they do have specified criteria. Before you can dig up the rubble on the ground, you need a blizzard. This frequently means excavating your way through the entire map until you’ve discovered all three riches.

This can be time-consuming and unpleasant, especially if you don’t get lucky and discover the parts you need first. Persevere, and they will reward you with the mighty Ice Staff!

The position of the black disc

The Black Disc is required to open the lower level of the excavation site when paired with the Gramophone. At the bottom of the path is a box in front of the excavation site (Generator 2). beside the church’s entryway or in a digging wheelbarrow next to PaP

Location of the Gramophone

The Gramophone is an essential item in the game that may always be found within the leading excavation site. Players must first place it on the table in the dig site to use it. This will unlock a secret sub-level with many Staff sculptures. It’s a good idea to open the lowest excavation site area before taking the Gramophone, so you don’t have to walk back.

Keep an eye out for the table in the center of the room if you can’t find the Gramophone. Place the Gramophone on the table, revealing the secret sub-level once you’ve spotted it. Don’t forget to get the Gramophone before you go, or you’ll have to return later!

The final step

To retrieve the staff, you must first obtain the disc and phonograph from the church. Take the disc and Gramophone to Generator 6, located behind the church. After entering the tunnel, place the Gramophone on the table in Generator 6. Before entering the bizarre world, take a few steps back and look at the blue portal form. Exit the insane place and obtain your crystal by rebuilding the blue gateway. Finally, return to the leading excavation location and descend. Using the statue, construct the staff.

How to Improve Ice Staff

How to Solve the Puzzle of the Ice Staff Code

Puzzle of the Ice

It would be best if you first equipped the ice staff to solve the ice staff code challenge. Then, through the blue portal, enter the “crazy place.” As soon as you arrive, take note of the blue markings on the slabs. Take note of the blue sign on the wall. To complete the puzzle, fire the proper ceiling slab corresponding to the wall symbol with the ice staff. To complete the problem, you’ll need to repeat this procedure several times.

Gravestones should be shot.

It’s time to go out of here and back into the real world. Remove three gravestones with the Ice Staff before switching to a conventional weapon. To eliminate all of the opponents, you must be swift and precise. Return to your safety as soon as you’re finished.

Gravestone No. 1

Gravestone No. 1

Looking out the mud pool at the excavation site, you can see the big hole in the ground excavated. Metal supports line the crater’s walls, and there are several enormous machineries and pieces of equipment around the perimeter. The earth around the pit is churned up and muddy, and a few workmen are milling around. It appears to be a busy and dangerous area.

Gravestone No. 2

Gravestone No. 2

The mud pool with the Soul Box near the Generator 6 Jug area is eerie and strange. The Gravestone sits outside the map boundary, facing away from Jug, adding to the sense that something isn’t quite right here. The Soul Box looks to be a container for souls, and the generator appears to power it. Whatever is going on here is neither natural nor good.

Gravestone No. 3

Gravestone No. 3

Don’t worry if you find yourself outside the Generator 2 building’s back door! The Gravestone is outside the map’s limits, near the robot’s arm. It takes some searching to find what you’re looking for.

Arrange the Gems

Arrange the Gems

The staff sculptures are placed on the lowest level of the excavation site. Circular rings float in the air of the sculptures. Each ring has four different colored jewels on each side. The goal is to spin each ring until all blue diamonds are aligned. For example, this can be accomplished by pulling levers on wooden scaffolding platforms other than the walkway. They have the look of power switches. To blast the blue orb at the bottom of the rings, align them with the Ice Staff code, and then shoot it with the Ice Staff. This will launch the orb and the rings into the sky.

Staffing charges (Collect Souls)

Staffing charges

BLUE gateway Keep your ice staff on the pedestal where you first discovered it. To charge the team, kill between 2 and 30 zombies in the area. When you’re finished, pick up the staff; the enhanced version is yours to enjoy!!


As a result, the enhanced ice staff is unquestionably one of the greatest in the game and well worth the effort. Please let me know if you have any further queries. You can also comment below if you have any additional suggestions for staff enhancements.

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