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15 Important e-mail marketing trends in 2022

In the last few years, the world has seen a lot of new types of digital marketing, like social media marketing, mobile marketing, and more. Many marketers also said that e-mail marketing would soon be over.

Many businesses were shut down around the world when the coronavirus pandemic hit in 2019. Humanity has learned some hard lessons. One of them is that no matter what you predict today, it won’t always happen tomorrow.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses changed their marketing strategy so that they could connect with their clients digitally. Marketers were surprised to learn that a lot of businesses were able to maximize their Return on investment with the strength of e-mail marketing.

So, let’s look at the e-mail marketing trends that you can’t miss in 2022!

Top 15 e-mail marketing trends for 2022

Some of the best e-mail marketing advice and tips are below. These will make sure that your e-mail is very interesting and leads to a lot of sales.

1.      Personalization

According to studies, clients are acutely aware of the information obtained about them. Your clients agree to provide you with their personal information with the expectation that you will utilize it to better serve them based on their needs.

2.      User-generated content

Most e-mails should be about your service or product for a number of reasons, but you should also think about adding more content that people have written about your company. In this way, you can add other people’s opinions and make your communication more interesting and fun.

Additionally, user-generated material indicates your commitment to customer happiness. You could, for instance, send an e-mail with images of delighted customers using your products. It may include a social review that explains what readers can expect if they purchase from your firm.

3.      Hyper-personalization

Any e-mail marketing campaign’s main goal is to make more money. Marketers have realized that the great way to maximize more money is to personalize e-mails.

E-mail personalization can have a big negative influence on the success of your advertisement if you don’t do it. Everything from the loss of your mailing list to the failure of your e-mail marketing campaign can happen if you don’t personalize your e-mails.

Neglecting to personalize your e-mails can have a big effect on the achievement of your advertisement. Lack of personalization in e-mail marketing can lead to everything from a decrease in the number of people on your mailing list to the entire campaign failing.

Additionally, personalization has various statistically proven benefits. It’s a scorching trend, and the worth of personalization continues to expand daily.

E-mails will be hyper-personalized in 2022, rather than just being personalized in some parts of a campaign.

4.      Attractive design

In 2022, one of the most important marketing trends to keep an eye on could be a shift towards a more attractive newsletter design. The days when newspapers were full of things you didn’t need or want are long gone. There are a lot of things you’ll need to think about when it comes to your newsletter content and design now.

5.      E-mail marketing automation

E-mail marketing automation enables subscribers and brands to connect uniformly and consistently. Furthermore, it gives the consumer control over their mailbox.

E-mail campaigns that are sent out automatically are usually better at getting people to open them than e-mails sent out by hand. Users do certain things to start the sequence. They are more responsive when they are sent as part of a process that is automated.

More people click on automated e-mails than on broadcast e-mails.

6.      Mobile optimization

When users have a negative mobile experience, they are 52 per cent less inclined to engage with a business. If you feel that mobile experience is a different story in e-mail design, you are incorrect. It is gaining importance in every field, particularly as long-read strategies and novel solutions gain popularity.

Recently, mobile browsing has surpassed desktop browsing. Additionally, people utilize their mobile phones to check e-mails. As a result, the importance of enhancing the mobile phone experience cannot be emphasized. It should be without flaws.

7.      AMP in Emails

One of the fastest-growing trends in email design and marketing is AMP. It moves along with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript frameworks, all of which work together. You can use this kind of tech to send emails that let people do something without going to a third-party website or app. For example, a consumer can fill out a form, answer a survey, or make a purchase right from the email on its own.

8.      Interactivity

As the competition in the market grows, more and more marketers are making sure that their e-mail advertisements are appealing and interesting to people.

9.      Data privacy

Following the GDPR’s enforcement, e-mail marketing trends in terms of privacy saw substantial changes. Marketers must increasingly incorporate privacy and consent into their strategies to comply with ever-changing guidelines and regulations.

10.  Artificial intelligence

Although artificial intelligence is a relative newcomer to marketing, the enormous benefits it has the potential to generate are already causing marketers to pause for thought. Companies use tools like sales crm and collection crm to nurture and convert their leads.

11.  The quality of the landing page

When customers click on a call-to-action in a marketing e-mail, they are taken to this page.

It can be hard for some marketers to make good marketing e-mails, but they don’t pay as much attention to making good landing pages.

Make a lot of effort and time to design a landing page to get more people to click on your ad.

12.  E-mail accessibility

In order for businesses to send out marketing e-mails, one of the most important things they should do is make sure that as many users can see their e-mails as possible.

To get the most out of their marketing efforts, marketing companies need to make sure that their e-mails are sent and read by people in different places and on different devices.

13.  Micro-segmentation

In order to improve conversion rates, it is very important to divide customers into groups.

Segmentation and micro-segmentation are two different things. In 2022, it’s time to switch to the other one. This means looking into customers’ behavior, preferences, location, personality, and so on before you put them in certain e-mail list groups that you send them.

In research, it has been found that the requirements of your audience are never the same. Sometimes it will change.

14.  Dark Mode E-mail Design

People are becoming more aware of how much strain screens put on your eyes, so dark mode is becoming more popular. According to a study, 81.9 per cent of users utilize dark mode on their phones. It will become more than a trend in 2022 because more than 44 per cent of marketers already think about dark mode when making their products.

15.  Use BIMI to Earn the Trust of Your Customers

At first, e-mail marketers had a new way to get their messages noticed and trusted by their customers. Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) gave them this new power. Since then, BIMI has become more common and has risen by 74% in the last six months!

To use BIMI, you first need to make sure your e-mails are safe. This includes things like SPF, DMARC, and DKIM. When you send e-mails, you can add your trademarks to them to protect them from phishing, e-mail spoofing, and other cyber hacks. This level of verification is meant to boost yourbrand’s social proof and clients’ trust, which will help you make more money.


E-mail marketing trend changes a lot each year because of new technologies, new regulations, and a lot of other things. Keep up with current e-mail marketing patterns and make changes to your plans. This will keep you up with the competition.

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